Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October Hols

It's currently the October school holidays here in Fife, and working in a school, that means I get 2 weeks off :)

Better still, I get 2 weeks off....but am still sending the little one to nursery!  What a terrible mother I am.  But it really is best for him as it would disrupt his routine too much to be away from nursery for a whole fortnight.... So, nursery it is.

I've really been making the most of the couple of days to myself (he's only in nursery for the beginning of the week).  Lately I feel like I've just had soooooooooo much to do. 

I've finally finished the order of 4 personalised t-shirts.  I'll post pics once they've been given to my customer. 

I've got another t-shirt to make - this time for baby Alfie, I'm looking forward to coming up with something cute for him - his mummy has already decided that once he's grown out of it, the t-shirt will get framed on the wall!  (That means lots of pressure for me to make it extra special!)

I don't have any craft fairs in October but lots in November so I've been busy working away on stock for them.  I've been making lots of these little red fabric gift bags -

And some blue ones -

And some more -

And this super cute little one - the fabric has the words to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' on it...

The fabric on the back of these little bags matches the fabric used for the stars - with the script on it. 

I'll be taking these bags along to the many craft fairs I'll be doing and also listing a few in my Folksy shop

I've also made some utterly cute (even if I do say so myself) Christmas mini-bunting. 

I think these are just so sweet!  I can definitely see these draped around a lovely big Christmas tree! (or hung in the window, around the door, over a bed....etc, etc!)  These have also been listed in my Folksy shop.

Right, back to the cutting mat and sewing machine for me this afternoon....but stay tuned folks as I may have some exciting news to share next week! 


  1. All terribly cute! I had never thought of draping bunting round my christmas tree, now there's a thought - something else to add to my list of things to make!
    Kandi x

  2. What a lot a beautiful, jolly, christmassy things!!! Draping bunting around a Christmas tree is a fab idea. You can never have too much bunting around the house, I say!!! Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)


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