Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pretty t-shirt

While I was at the craft fair recently in Newport-On-Tay, a lady was interested in my personalised t-shirts.  She took away one of my little business cards and contacted me a few days later to order FOUR t-shirts!

Three are for Christmas presents and one is for a birthday present.  The birthday is in October so I made sure I got that one made super quick!  This one is for a little girl who's turning 1, called Anna. 

Here is Anna's t-shirt -

I love how cute and girly it is!  I've been wanting to do a flower applique like this for ages, but up until now I haven't quite known what to use it on.  I love the bendy ric-rac flower stalk too :)

The centre of the flower also features a pretty lilac 'Suffolk Puff' (or yo-yo) and a cute little button.

Anna's name has also been made from the same lilac fabric and I've stitched around it in a dark purple to make it stand out -

I love the idea of making such small clothing that's special - once the child grows out of it, their teddy bear can wear it! 

Now that's one down, three more to go....


  1. So cute and such a great idea about the teddy bear!

  2. That's so pretty! Makes things just that little extra special to have them personalised and handmade! :)

  3. Your customer will love it! The Suffolk puff and ric rac work really well, gives it another dimension x

  4. That's sooooo cute!!! Your customer will adore it - as will Anna!!! I especially love the ricrac - I'm always looking at clothes and accessories, wondering what I can add a bit of ricrac to!!!

  5. Well done - it's a lovely t-shirt!

    Pomona x


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