Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shop stock

Well, it's official - you can now purchase 'Sew Ray Me' handmade goods in a real, actual shop!!!

I dropped off a box of my handmade lovelies to a nearby shop this afternoon, it was so exciting.  This is a picture of the shop - 'Kit & Caboodle' (you can search for them on Facebook to see some photos of the things they sell) or you can read a little about it here.  The shop has a mixture of vintage and new and has some lovely upcycled furniture including beautiful french dressers (which would go perfectly in my dream farmhouse!), drawers, large framed mirrors and so much more.  It really is a little treasure trove of goodies. 

The shop owner had asked for Autumn/Winter colours so here's a few of the things I made -

Some cushions using gorgeous reds - ginghams, checks and polka dots, my favs!

A trio of quilted, patchwork notebooks - you can read a little more about their creation in this blog post. 

Some lovely 'shabby chic' wool felt hearts.  I really *love* these and I especially love the trims and ribbons that are on them.  I'll be working with these combinations for a few more of my Christmassy projects. 

These are some patchwork placemats,  (fully machine washable of course!).  They are backed with a lovely stripey cream fabric -

I didn't take in specifically 'Christmas' stock just yet, but I have been asked to supply some of my mini Christmas bunting which you can see here

I had originally made a set of four placemats like these for taking to the shop -

However, they got snapped up by a customer before they were even on sale! How good will these ones look on the Christmas table?!

Right, with all that excitement, I think I've earned a little break so I'll sit down for 5 mins (before the toddler gets up from his nap) and have a little flick through these mags I got this week -

PS - this is the address of the shop if you're ever in North Fife - Kit and Caboodle, 28 High Street, Newburgh, KY14 6AQ.


  1. Yeay! well done you! all looks great but I'm particularly loving those felt hearts...swoon!

  2. I love all the goodies you made-- a great variety/selection! Congrats on selling at your first store-- I think its going to go well :0) Good luck!

  3. Oh well done you! It's my dream for a real shop to sell my stuff. The stock you've made is gorgeous and no doubt will be snapped up in no time. And thanks for showing us the mags - I hadn't seen the Prima one so I'd better go looking for it!

  4. Hi,

    Wow! Congrats on getting your stuff in to a REAL shop!!! I'm sure it will be sold-out straight away! I love all your bits and pieces. But, I have to say, the christmassy placemats are my absolute favourite!!! :-)

    What do you think of the Prima mag? I've never seen/read it before, but lots of bloggers have posted photos of it.

    Have a great week.....



  5. Wow congrats on getting your stuff in a real live shop! Hopefully I can do the same some day.

    from alice with love


  6. Good luck in your new venture - I love the book covers - look like ideal christmas pressies.

  7. I don't think you will need to worry about the shop coming back for more stock...if i was anywhere near i'd be quite happy to buy the lot (and one of those lovely old french dressers too to store it all in!!). :D x

  8. ps....I picked up the Prima Christmas's fab...well it was until my eldest stole it from me and started making some of the papercraft items in there! :/ LOL x


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