Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Winter makes

Phew, I finally made it on to the laptop to write a blog post....and have spend the past 40 mins or so catching up on all the blog posts I've missed.  You lot have been so busy making and blogging! 

I've been playing around with some new fabric combinations lately, mainly due to the fact that it's winter and my usual pastels just don't seem right!  Cue the reds, whites and naturals. 

I've also had some ideas floating around in my head for ages and just not got round to actually working them out in fabric....until now :)

The new winter season craft fair stock now includes some lovely homely cushions. 

First up is 'LOVE'. I've had some purple fabrics in my stash for ages and had planned on using them for something....not sure what, but just 'something'! I thought they'd look fab together on a cushion, along with some soft cream linen blend fabric.

I teamed this up with some lovely crochet/lacey trims that I had -

....which I think add a very pretty touch.

I also wanted to make a 'HOME' version, and I used some bright reds for this one -

This one has some white lace ribbon finished off with a few vintage buttons. 

Both of the cushion covers are removable (and washable), the LOVE cushion has a zip along the top, and the HOME one has an envelope opening at the back. 

My craft fair stock feels like it is very slowly starting to build up... here's a little preview -

I have also managed to make quite a few more crayon rolls - slightly more 'festive' looking -

There are some red felt ones in there this time which have turned out beautifully! Imagine how good they'd look hidden inside one of my little red felt stockings which you can just see sitting in the bottom left of the box above - I'll show you these properly in another post. 

I've also been playing about with some wonky stars, I love these!

I'll show you what I've used these for later ;)


  1. lovely lovely! especially liking the "home" cushion. and excited to see what you've used the wonky stars for... x

  2. Love this post. The cushion in the box with goodies looks fab - very Christmasy. Happy crafting xx

  3. All gorgeous - especially the HOME cushion! I'm loving the christmassy colours!


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