Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birthday presents

I don't know about anyone else, but I just love to get crafting whenever I get the chance.  So, when my 2 year old was invited to a little girl's second birthday party, my first thought was oh good, I can make something girly!

Along with some play-doh and some cutters for her gift, I decided to make some personalised bunting.  I've made lots and lots of bunting before, but none with a name on it, so it was nice to be able to try something new.  Here's how it turned out -

I checked before-hand to ensure it would match the colours in Lydia's bedroom (pink and cream).  I think it's so cute!  It would look great above a doorway/window, or above a bed.  I'll have to get round to making some for Joshua too. 

Once I'd wrapped all the gifts I decided to finish off with an 'eco friendly' version of a gift bag, and made a cute fabric drawstring bag -

This is some fun fabric I got from IKEA.  I've made many bags like this already for Joshua and they hold cars, aeroplanes etc.  I've made some mini Christmas versions too, but I think I might also make some larger ones as they just come in so handy afterwards. 

And in craft fair news - I did an evening one last night.  It was in a small village where I'd done one a few months ago and it was one of those places that I knew had great community spirit.  The hall was packed full of fabulous stalls, and once the doors opened at 6.30pm, the customers came flooding in.  At one point, people could hardly move!  Here's my stall from last night -

I felt happier with the layout this time, last week felt a bit rushed, and because it was the first one, I was still 'experimenting' with how things looked.  Over November and December I've got 6 craft fairs booked in.  Two down, 4 to go.  Next Saturday I'll be in the YMCA, Broughty Ferry.  Pop along if you're in the area :)


  1. The bunting and bag are such thoughtful gifts and look fabulous.
    Your stall looks great Rachel, you must be so busy with all the fairs.

  2. I love the birthday bunting - and what a cool idea to put everything in a cute little bag! You're definitely going down on my birthday party invite list!!! ;-)
    Super stall too! You must be soooooo busy making the stuff for all these fairs! I'm doing ONE Open House party in a few weeks, and I'm in a panic about being able to make enough for THAT!
    Clever, clever you!

  3. Wow fantastic! I can't believe how many fairs you're doing! Well done you! You must be sewing like a mad woman! Hope they go well! x

  4. Your stall looks I just want to sweep everything up into a basket and take it home! :D Loving the bunting too! I made some for Holly & Isabelle's room from their old baby clothes but not with their names on, haven't figured out how to do letters yet! :D


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