Friday, 25 November 2011

Recent finishes

I don't know where the time has gone lately.  Luckily, by looking back through all of the photos I take as I work on sewing projects/order, I can see exactly where some of the time has gone!  I'm glad I take so many photos as I love to be reminded of all that I've created.  The same goes for looking back through old blog posts at things I've made but forgotten about.  And I love the fact that in years to come I'll have even more to look back over and see just how productive I've been! 

Anyway, here's a few things I've been working on lately for customers. 

First up is another cute little apron, this one was to be personalised for 'Evie' who is only 18 months old, hence the reason it's just so teeny!  (But oh-so-cute!).  I was also asked to make a matching chef's hat....this turned out a little bigger than I'd expected - it looks massive in the photo - but the good thing is that it's adjustable at the back so will last her for years to come too :)

You can see some more of the aprons I've made for craft fairs in this post. 

More personalisation next in the form of a pretty t-shirt.  Lydia's mum supplied the t-shirt and asked me to make it really girly.  (Yipee!)

I used the butterfly design, kind of similar to the one I'd made for Daisy (you can see it here), but still different enough to be unique.  

I just love how cute and girly these butterflies are, I think I'll be using a lot more of them in some future projects I have in mind.

And since Lydia is a friend of my son's, I got to see this t-shirt modelled by the little lady herself!

So cute!

In between making and creating, I've also been busy preparing for the Advent Swap which was organised by Lynda over at Hookin' with Laa Laa.  It's been so much fun choosing 24 little gifts for my partner to open each day of Advent, then coming up with something special for her to open on Christmas Day itself.  Of course I'll have to wait until after Christmas to show you what's actually inside this little lot -

Stay tuned and I'll show you more of what I've been making lately :)

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  1. That little chef hat is ADORABLE! Do you use a pattern to make that? My nephews would love it!!

  2. Love the sweet butterflies and little chef combo x

  3. Those little butterflies are so cute! :)


  4. The apron and chefs hat combo is gorgeous! Love the butterfly t-shirt too! :) x

  5. Your makes are so lovely! Look forward to seeing more! Mandy :)

  6. Aaah! The chef's set is soooo cute!!! I'm sure Evie will LOVE it!!! Maybe I'd be more able in the kitchen-department if I'd have started that early!?!? ;-)
    The advent swap sound great fun! I wish I'd have joined up... Maybe next year.

  7. Wow the advent swap is such a good idea!! How exciting would that be, a little gift each day til Christmas!? Not sure I could contain myself though! :D

  8. That little apron is adorable!


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