Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent Goodies

I'm taking part in the Advent Swap organised by Lynda from Hookin' with Laa Laa and thought I'd better get round to showing you some of the goodies I've received so far! 

It's been great fun having one of these.......to open every day!

Here are the gifts I have opened so far -

We have - Christmas cupcake cases, the softest socks EVER!, a cross-stitch bookmark, 3 jingle bells, some 'Merry Christmas' ribbon and the piece of fabric that it's all sitting on.  The photo doesn't do it any justice - it's actually all glittery and sparkly and is a really beautiful wintery scene. 

I can't show you what I sent to my partner, Sarah, just yet as I took a group photo of everything together so it will have to go on the list of things I've to show you after Christmas. 


  1. Fab goodies - love the pink socks! Thanks for visiting my blog! x

  2. Those socks look toasty warm, just the thing for this freezing week we are having!
    It's nice to open a gift each day isn't it, I always envy the kids getting a little chocolate every day, they are jealous of me now!
    Kandi x

  3. Hey lovely gifts!

    I want some socks!


  4. What sweet, christmassy gifts! These advent swaps are such a lovely idea. I'd love to get involved in one next year. How do you find out about them???

  5. I just got done "snooping" around your blog and I liked what I saw. You're making some really beautiful things so I will make sure to check back on you again. Hope the self employment thing is going good for you, I firmly believe we should all just start buying handmade things (or make them ourselves if we know how/have the time...). Stay in touch :)




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