Friday, 16 December 2011

*Another* button heavy post!

Well, tomorrow is my last craft fair of the season.  I'm really looking forward to being at such an event so close to Christmas, hopefully the atmosphere will be great, full of shoppers looking for some last minute gifts and stocking fillers.  The craft fair is in St Andrews, Fife which is a busy little town at the best of times so I'm hoping to have an empty table by 4pm tomorrow :)  (A girl can dream!)

I've spent the past week frantically finishing off orders (and accepting no more!) so that I could ensure they were all posted off in good time (I'd *hate* for anyone not to get their gifts in time!).  By Tuesday evening I was able to r-e-l-a-x, I'd finished!! 

I spent a little bit of time later in the week replenishing some stock for the craft fair - mostly smaller stocking filler items.  Funnily enough....they all feature one of my favourite items - buttons!

First up were some more shabby chic key rings -

Ooooh, lovely shiny buttons :)

And more..... - hairslides this time -

Loads of these little cute ones, these have been flying off my stall! 

I also used some self-cover buttons to make these pretty fabric ones -

And last, but certainly not least.....I found some giant self-cover buttons and *had* to have them!  I'd been planning to make some brooches for ages, and when I saw these buttons I knew they'd be perfect...

Aren't they cute?!

Well, by this time tomorrow night I'll certainly be sitting with my feet up.  My working year will be over!  (And what a year it's been!)  I still have a couple of Christmas presents of my own to make, but I have a few days next week to work on those.  Hopefully, I'll also have a little more time to spend on some blog posts showing you what else I've been making lately, there just haven't been enough hours in the day to design, create, sew AND blog! 


  1. Love everything x
    Good luck for the craft fair tomorrow xx

  2. I love the hair slides, my girls at craft club would like to make these do you just use a hot glue gun or are they stitched on aswell?
    H x

  3. ooooo I really hope your craft fair went well :-) I love those biiiig buttons so cute :-D

  4. A GORGEOUS button feast!!!
    I hope the fair went well - I'm sure it would have!
    I completed all my Christmas orders last week too. Isn't it an amazing feeling??? Well done you for getting through it all - you deserve a rest now.....


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