Monday, 12 December 2011

Scraps for buttons

I seem to have had a serious shortage of time for blogging lately, we've had a household full of illness, and I've also been up to my eyes with fabulous orders!  What a great feeling knowing that so many people will be opening 'Sew Ray Me' Christmas presents on 25th December!!

It won't be long until I can share with you a little more of what I've been making - today's projects included some bright children's patchwork and also some very pretty Cath Kidston inspired patchwork!  Both of these pieces will be used for very different end products :)

But now on to some photos I can share with you....

A few weeks ago I inadvertently arranged a little swap via Twitter.  I posted a photo of my (overflowing) scrap basket .....

....and asked if anybody wanted some!

I had some responses, and 3 lovely ladies offered me something in return....buttons! :)

I ironed and sorted my scraps...

Realised just how far my gingham obsession went -

Do I really have *that* much gingham in my fabric stash??!

I divided my scraps up and posted them to their recipients....and then waited oh-so-patiently by the letterbox to see what Mr Postie would bring me.....

My eyes just lit up when I received these 3 lovely parcels -

First to arrive was this MASSIVE package from Nikki.  Just look at all those lovely wooden buttons at the top!  Fabulous :)

Next up I received some lovely handmade fabric covered buttons from Emma

These will make great button closures on some fabric notebooks I've been making lately! 

And last but certainly not least, this is what I received from Julie -

Julie sent me this rainbow of buttons (doesn't the green one at the bottom look like a really juicy sweety?!) all wrapped up in a pretty piece of fabric. 

I am sooo  pleased with my little swap!  The recipients of my scraps have also put them to good use - Emma covered some more buttons - you can see some of them here in her Etsy shop and Nikki covered some buttons and then made them into fabulous rings to sell at craft fairs! 

Thanks for taking part ladies, it was lots of fun :)


  1. aren't swaps lovely things! we should all do more of them, especially spur-of-the-moment ones :)

    so glad you liked the buttons, I can't wait to see what you use them for.

    x x

  2. Oh if Id known Id have swapped with you, I dont tweet though :( I love all your gingham and have loads of lovely buttons to swap if you want anymore???
    Heather x

  3. Scraps are like candy to me. I love seeing what I can do with little bits and pieces. I regularly raid my sewing buddy's scrap bin. And buttons? They are among my long running crafty obsessions. I hope everyone is feeling better chez sewrayme!

  4. Oh my look at all those buttons, i might just have to have a go at a swap too, my scrap bag is overflowing and you can just never have too many buttons.

    i love your gingham pic, a serious addiction there I think :)

  5. Very beautiful, love the fabric covered buttons :). Personally, I'm a sucker for ribbon, paper, boxes and journals, but I'm pretty sure I could put in a good use a pretty button or two :).
    *Hurries to check Emma's Etsy shop.*


  6. Gorgeous buttons! Love the covered ones from Lemons for Lemonade...


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