Friday, 23 December 2011

Sewing up some ideas

I get ideas in my head all the time for things I want to make.  Sometimes it's just not practical at the time to make these items so I keep the images/ideas tucked away somewhere safe for when I have the time/reason to make them. 

Some of the ideas I've had recently were for beautiful appliqued notebook or more relevant - diary covers.  Here are a few I've made lately....

A close up of the pretty flowers -

The love-heart cover also features a little bit of free hand embroidery, the word 'love'.  This was my first time doing this and it turned out pretty good!

I'll certainly be playing around with some more of this in the new year :)

And here's another notebook, this time featuring a sweet owl applique -

I love the way these have turned out.  They're all A5 size and are now all sold, but I offered each customer the choice of a diary or a notebook.  The covers are removable and therefore will last for a very long time!  I've also made another little one - A6 this time, but it's for a Christmas gift so will be yet another thing I'll have to wait til after Christmas to show you! 

Speaking of Christmas gifts - each year I promise myself I'll get my wrapping done nice and early and NOT end up doing the majority on Christmas eve.....well, guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?!!!  Oops!


  1. These are really cute, what a fab idea! Love the owl x

  2. These are so pretty! The owl-y one is my favourite. You must make some more! x

  3. Absolutely adore those covers!! Notebook covers are one of the things on my Craft To Do list... maybe one day I'll get round to them!
    Have a great Christmas!
    Maria x

  4. They are all lovely! I have to say I'm quite in to all the owl designs around at the moment! Merry Christmas! :) x

  5. So cute! I am going to work on my FM embroidery this coming year. I love the look of it. You are an expert, so I will likely shamelessly copy your success! Have a happy New Year!

  6. Loving the stitching that makes the flower stems especially, but they are a lovely idea.

  7. They're all lovely but the owl one has to be my favourite.
    I also make myself similar promises before Christmas about getting stuff done in plenty of time, mine never go to plan either!


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