Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another reason to celebrate and an outing!

It's an exciting week this week, not only am I super excited about the amount of visits my blog has had, but I also received the 'Kreativ Blogger' award from the lovely Rhi at Pretty Petal Handmade!  (She has also recently caught the 'bunting bug' and there's no stopping her now!)

The 'rules' say that I must now pass the award to a blogger whose blog I enjoy reading, and reveal 10 interesting facts about myself!  I'll have to have a wee think about I'll let you know soon.

Still sewing away this week, I decided to try some 'ticker tape' quilting.  I had a good rake through my scrap basket and chose some lovely purples, pinks and blues and cut them into squares, rectangles and a couple of triangles.  Here they are stuck down with fabric glue and ready to be sewn -

This will be the jacket of a travel sewing roll that I'm  making for the craft fair. 

On a different note, I had an exciting outing today!  Julie (of The Awkward Niche) and I had a very girly and grown up day out - including lots of shopping and a tasty lunch.  We had planned it for ages, no children, no men-folk, just us, shopping, in fabric shops all on our own - BLISS!! Julie will be having a stall at the craft fair in August too so we talked non-stop about our plans.

We are very lucky to have 2 fabric shops in a nearby town, so we headed out this morning, firstly to Dunelm Mill where we had a leisurely stroll round while we filled our baskets to the brim.  I got some lovely duck feather filled rectangular cushions, beautiful felt, some fabrics and some great buttons.  Here's a peek -

What a yummy array of colours.  The bottom 2 colours are actually made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, how cool is that!  

Here are some of the novelty buttons I got - perfect for embellishing more 'Little Artists' Cases' -

Cute or what?

Scrummy cakes!
We then moved on to another shop called 'Rejects' which is a huge department store selling EVERYTHING (but not 'rejects'!)  They have a great fabric/haberdashery/hobby department so we had fun rummaging through the fabrics and looking through hundreds of styles of buttons.  I got a lovely little selection including these -

Pretty, pretty!

And these whoppers -

Although you can't tell by this photo, these are actually a massive 2" wide!  (If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know what a huge button fetish I have!)  I'm thinking of teaming these up with the funky coloured felt to make some cool key rings. 

Believe it or not, although we only visited 2 shops (and stopped for lunch) we managed to spend almost 3 and a half hours shopping!  I had a great day and it was so nice to be able to show Julie things and bounce ideas off each other while planning what things we'll be working on next. 

To top off my great day of shopping, I also managed to find a back-issue of 'Homestyle Sewing' magazine that I somehow missed in the shops the first time round.  AND - it was half price!  Details here if you'd like one too. 

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Maybe a silly question...

...and a little celebration. 

I am taking a break from a busy afternoon of sewing (what feels like hundreds!) of bunting flags together..... at least I have all of these to show for my hard work -

Pretty vintage blues
Pretty vintage pinks
I also have flags prepared in funky bright pinks but need to buy funky bright pink binding for stringing them all together.  Another thing to soon tick off my stock list for the craft fair!

But that's not why I'm celebrating!  A little while ago, shortly after I started blogging and getting followers and all that, I started slowly watching my 'daily page views' go up, and up, and up.  And I thought that reaching 1000 was amazing.  And I thought to myself "If I ever get to 10,000 total page views I should do a little giveaway to celebrate..." 

Well guess what?? I've reached 10,000 page views!  I can't believe pages on my blog have been viewed that many times :)   I'm also extremely happy to have so many lovely followers.  I love to receive comments on all the things I blog about too, it's so great to have encouragement and advice from so many of you. 

So, as a thank you, the question I wanted to ask was would you be interested if I held a little giveaway right here on my little old blog?  I'm planning on putting together a little goodie bag (made by me of course) stuffed full to the brim with sewing/crafting goodies including lots of pretty (and useful) haberdashery items, maybe some fabric etc....  (and I AM willing to post overseas).  Just let me know if you'd be interested and I'll put something together and arrange the giveaway soon!  Stay tuned....

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Really useful purses

I have been very busy lately, working away, a little production line on the go.  Remember I gave you a sneak peek of something I was working on with the wool felt? is what the 5 different coloured pieces of wool felt have become -

A pretty zip purse in 5 different shades of pastel wool felt.  Each one features 'button flowers' with rainbow thread stems. 

They are all fully lined with a contrasting fabric which also encloses the zip.  They measure approx 5" x 7" and are just the perfect size for....well, just about anything!

These 5 pretty purses are my first completed set of 'stock' for the craft fair I'll be attending in August. 

Also on the production line is bunting.  I'll be doing buntings featuring blues, pinks, reds, and some funky fabrics I got last week .....

Somehow, in amongst all this furtive sewing I managed to make a little something for myself. 

It's a cute little pouch for holding......

A couple of nappies and a packet of wet wipes! 

I've been meaning to make one for ages - just to pop in my handbag when we're just nipping.  My little fella is nearly 22 months and I rarely need all the stuff in the changing bag, so this little pouch is the perfect solution.  It's lined with a contrasting fabric, and is fully reversible -

Now, off to put my feet up and have a (little) break from sewing! 

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A girly request

Remember in my previous post I mentioned that I had been asked to create a girly version of a previous project?  Well, I can finally reveal that the project was my Little Artists Case (the original was rather boyish) and my customer requested a more girly version for her nieces 6th birthday. 

I also showed you some of the fabrics I picked out for it, well, in the end I changed my mind a little, and these are actually the fabrics I used -

I am loving this multi-coloured heart print on the top, it's such a happy looking fabric, and it's nice to have something pretty to look at while you're working away :)

Here is how the finished art case looks -

Click image to enlarge
I am so pleased with how this turned out!  I love so much about it - the fabrics (of course), the quilting on the cover, the neat little crayon holder, the cute zip pouch at the top, and especially the appliqued letter 'L' on the front cover.  (The initial of the recipient)  I hand sewed the letter to the white circle, then sewed it onto the cover, it has a nice frayed edge, an effect which I really like.  Hopefully it will fray more over time and end up looking even better.

I also got the chance to use one of my home-made labels for the first time.  I sewed this one onto the back cover.

I think it's the perfect finishing touch!

Did you notice the letter 'L' was made out of my recently purchased wool felt?  The squares I bought were only around 11" x 11" so I've really been trying to use them as economically as possible.  I'm still working on the main project using them, but I'm determined to make as much as I can with the left over pieces too. 

Our back door was replaced 18 months ago and up until this week we were still using the key with no key-ring attached!  So....I had the bright idea to make a cute little key ring for it. 

I made this one while I was sat watching tv last night.  It turned out OK I think...?  I may make a few more variations of key rings for the craft fair.  I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and will save up some hand sewing projects like this so that I can still make things while I'm away as I'll have plenty of time in the evenings.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some new purchases

I thought I'd share some things I've recently bought.  It's only just now that I'm sorting through the photos that I realise just quite how much stuff I've been buying lately!  Somehow, buying things online, especially using Paypal, doesn't quite feel like proper shopping - and you can get carried away quite easily. 

My first purchase this week was some lovely soft wool felt from The Felt Fairy.  I asked for a selection of pretty pastels and these are the gorgeous colours I received -

I also managed a quick dash around the fabric shop this morning - WITHOUT the toddler in tow!  I didn't have much time so I was like a crazed woman trying to grab as much as I could/needed so that I could work on loads of things for the craft fair.  Look what I got -

I got loads of fabric to be turned into bunting, cushions, fabric belts, fabric baskets etc.  I also grabbed all of the bargain zips that were left (20p each!).  I also got some fabulous multi-coloured thread, which I've already teamed up with the wool felt -

I love the rainbow effect it comes out as, its so beautiful!  I think I'll be using this in many more projects to come.  For today, I used it with the wool felt as I have an idea in mind, so watch this space!

Out of my new fabrics, I think these are my favourites (grabbed off the washing line so excuse the wrinkles) -

All of the fabrics I bought are generic brands, nothing fancy, and most of them were between £2.99 and £4.99 per metre.  I bought 1/2 a metre of most of them.  I especially love the butterfly print above - I already have plans to make this into a pretty cushion.  I also got some lovely pink brushed cotton which will be a perfect backing fabric for a snuggly cushion. 

I also decided a while ago that I'd like some labels to sew into my creations.  I couldn't find many places to buy them ready-made so decided to have a go myself.  I got transfer paper for our printer that I could print on, then iron on to fabric.  Here are some I've made so far -

I made an A4 sheet of labels (in hindsight, I could've got far more on a sheet), and for every 1 that worked, there was 1 that didn't.  I'll have another go, filling the sheet to the brim this time, and I'll have to be a bit more precise with the iron timings.  If anyone has any tips, please let me know!!

I think that's all of my purchases for this week,  I'd better stay clear of the fabric shop, Folksy and internet for a little while until my Paypal account and bank account recover! 

I'm also very excited to have been asked to custom make one of my previous projects for a little girl.  I'll show more once it's made and has been sent to the customer.  These are the fabrics I'm thinking of using -

Sorry to be so vague but I as you'll know by now I don't like to give too much away :)

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