Sunday, 30 October 2011

Last minute Halloween

The little ones at my son's nursery have been invited to go dressed up for Halloween.  Not being one for 'dressing up' I didn't feel it worthwhile to buy him a costume (and I certainly didn't have time to make anything spectacular!). 

I decided at the last minute to russle something up...luckily I had everything I needed to customise an existing t-shirt of tomorrow, my little pumpkin will be able to wear his newly designed t-shirt -

I hope it looks suitably pumpkin-like??

Luckily he had an orange t-shirt lying around in his drawer and I had some black fabric.  I sketched some shapes onto Bondaweb, stuck them to the fabric and appliqued it to the t-shirt.  And hey presto! Not bad for half an hours work....and it hardly cost a thing ;-)

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

How does she do it...?

I am often asked how on earth I find the time to do all the sewing that I do....

Well, if you'd like to know the answer, then hop on over to Fran's blog Skulls and Ponies and take a look at the guest post I've written explaining how I've managed to fit it all in over the past year since I started sewing....

Just some of the things I've made over the past year

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Winter makes

Phew, I finally made it on to the laptop to write a blog post....and have spend the past 40 mins or so catching up on all the blog posts I've missed.  You lot have been so busy making and blogging! 

I've been playing around with some new fabric combinations lately, mainly due to the fact that it's winter and my usual pastels just don't seem right!  Cue the reds, whites and naturals. 

I've also had some ideas floating around in my head for ages and just not got round to actually working them out in fabric....until now :)

The new winter season craft fair stock now includes some lovely homely cushions. 

First up is 'LOVE'. I've had some purple fabrics in my stash for ages and had planned on using them for something....not sure what, but just 'something'! I thought they'd look fab together on a cushion, along with some soft cream linen blend fabric.

I teamed this up with some lovely crochet/lacey trims that I had -

....which I think add a very pretty touch.

I also wanted to make a 'HOME' version, and I used some bright reds for this one -

This one has some white lace ribbon finished off with a few vintage buttons. 

Both of the cushion covers are removable (and washable), the LOVE cushion has a zip along the top, and the HOME one has an envelope opening at the back. 

My craft fair stock feels like it is very slowly starting to build up... here's a little preview -

I have also managed to make quite a few more crayon rolls - slightly more 'festive' looking -

There are some red felt ones in there this time which have turned out beautifully! Imagine how good they'd look hidden inside one of my little red felt stockings which you can just see sitting in the bottom left of the box above - I'll show you these properly in another post. 

I've also been playing about with some wonky stars, I love these!

I'll show you what I've used these for later ;)

Friday, 21 October 2011

More personalised t-shirts

I have finally caught up with the many personalised t-shirts that have been ordered over the past month!  As promised, here they are -

First up we have one for 4 year old Emiko (a girl) - this time I was asked to use a darker t-shirt - easier to keep clean!  I managed to get some patchwork into this one -

Another little girl's t-shirt for - Iona -

More patchwork on this one, but you can just make out on the left a gorgeous strip of fuchsia crochet/lacey ribbon, all ruffled and cute!

This next one is for a little boy - Joh -

Funky, bright and fun!

The next two were for a different customer - 1 for her niece Daisy -

I absolutely LOVE this one! So cute and girly. 

And lastly, this one is for baby Alfie, definitely another favourite of mine -

This one is a very pale blue which I think just adds to the cuteness :)

No more t-shirts on the production table at the moment, but LOTS and LOTS of preparation for the forthcoming craft fairs, lots of lovely red felt, red gingham and red polka dots!  I've also been making more stock for the shop that's selling my items so it's all go.  I'll be posting some more pics soon of all of the lovely festive goodies I've been working away on.....

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shop stock

Well, it's official - you can now purchase 'Sew Ray Me' handmade goods in a real, actual shop!!!

I dropped off a box of my handmade lovelies to a nearby shop this afternoon, it was so exciting.  This is a picture of the shop - 'Kit & Caboodle' (you can search for them on Facebook to see some photos of the things they sell) or you can read a little about it here.  The shop has a mixture of vintage and new and has some lovely upcycled furniture including beautiful french dressers (which would go perfectly in my dream farmhouse!), drawers, large framed mirrors and so much more.  It really is a little treasure trove of goodies. 

The shop owner had asked for Autumn/Winter colours so here's a few of the things I made -

Some cushions using gorgeous reds - ginghams, checks and polka dots, my favs!

A trio of quilted, patchwork notebooks - you can read a little more about their creation in this blog post. 

Some lovely 'shabby chic' wool felt hearts.  I really *love* these and I especially love the trims and ribbons that are on them.  I'll be working with these combinations for a few more of my Christmassy projects. 

These are some patchwork placemats,  (fully machine washable of course!).  They are backed with a lovely stripey cream fabric -

I didn't take in specifically 'Christmas' stock just yet, but I have been asked to supply some of my mini Christmas bunting which you can see here

I had originally made a set of four placemats like these for taking to the shop -

However, they got snapped up by a customer before they were even on sale! How good will these ones look on the Christmas table?!

Right, with all that excitement, I think I've earned a little break so I'll sit down for 5 mins (before the toddler gets up from his nap) and have a little flick through these mags I got this week -

PS - this is the address of the shop if you're ever in North Fife - Kit and Caboodle, 28 High Street, Newburgh, KY14 6AQ.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October Hols

It's currently the October school holidays here in Fife, and working in a school, that means I get 2 weeks off :)

Better still, I get 2 weeks off....but am still sending the little one to nursery!  What a terrible mother I am.  But it really is best for him as it would disrupt his routine too much to be away from nursery for a whole fortnight.... So, nursery it is.

I've really been making the most of the couple of days to myself (he's only in nursery for the beginning of the week).  Lately I feel like I've just had soooooooooo much to do. 

I've finally finished the order of 4 personalised t-shirts.  I'll post pics once they've been given to my customer. 

I've got another t-shirt to make - this time for baby Alfie, I'm looking forward to coming up with something cute for him - his mummy has already decided that once he's grown out of it, the t-shirt will get framed on the wall!  (That means lots of pressure for me to make it extra special!)

I don't have any craft fairs in October but lots in November so I've been busy working away on stock for them.  I've been making lots of these little red fabric gift bags -

And some blue ones -

And some more -

And this super cute little one - the fabric has the words to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' on it...

The fabric on the back of these little bags matches the fabric used for the stars - with the script on it. 

I'll be taking these bags along to the many craft fairs I'll be doing and also listing a few in my Folksy shop

I've also made some utterly cute (even if I do say so myself) Christmas mini-bunting. 

I think these are just so sweet!  I can definitely see these draped around a lovely big Christmas tree! (or hung in the window, around the door, over a bed....etc, etc!)  These have also been listed in my Folksy shop.

Right, back to the cutting mat and sewing machine for me this afternoon....but stay tuned folks as I may have some exciting news to share next week! 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pretty t-shirt

While I was at the craft fair recently in Newport-On-Tay, a lady was interested in my personalised t-shirts.  She took away one of my little business cards and contacted me a few days later to order FOUR t-shirts!

Three are for Christmas presents and one is for a birthday present.  The birthday is in October so I made sure I got that one made super quick!  This one is for a little girl who's turning 1, called Anna. 

Here is Anna's t-shirt -

I love how cute and girly it is!  I've been wanting to do a flower applique like this for ages, but up until now I haven't quite known what to use it on.  I love the bendy ric-rac flower stalk too :)

The centre of the flower also features a pretty lilac 'Suffolk Puff' (or yo-yo) and a cute little button.

Anna's name has also been made from the same lilac fabric and I've stitched around it in a dark purple to make it stand out -

I love the idea of making such small clothing that's special - once the child grows out of it, their teddy bear can wear it! 

Now that's one down, three more to go....

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Using my freebie

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll remember a little while ago I was lucky enough to win a Jelly Roll from The Fat Quarter Shop from Sew Happy Geek's blog.  (You can read about it in this blog post)

I chose 'Farm Fresh October Afternoon' by Riley Blake.  Well, I finally got round to making something with some of the fabrics....

I started off by choosing some strips that I felt would make pretty patchwork and set to sewing them together.  The top 3 contain fabrics from the jelly roll, the bottom 2 are other fabrics and are for something else I'm working on which I'll show you later ;)

The next step was to add some quilting -

I then turned the pretty quilted patchwork into.....

Sweet little notebook covers. 

I also added a little piece of matching ribbon to be used as a page marker -

I am really pleased with how these turned out.  I got the inspiration from the notebook cover I made myself a few months ago.  I wanted to make something similar for selling at craft fairs, but on a slightly smaller scale - these notebooks are A6 size, but that's just perfect for a handbag notebook :)

This is the other one that I've finished -

I have already given this one away as a gift, but I'll certainly be making a few more.

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