Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas makes (part 1)

As promised, I can now show you some of the things I made before Christmas that I gave as gifts. 

I can now show you what I sent to my partner in the Advent Swap that I took part in.  Here are all the gifts before I wrapped them -

Some 'foodie' themed gifts

Some smellies and a little handmade needlecase at the top, a jumper tree decoration, some button magnets, keyring, lavender sachets and buttons/habdash.

This was the gift for Christmas day - a beautiful quilted, patchwork cosmetic bag (made by me) which I filled with lots of little pampering treats. 

I loved this cosmetic bag so much that I decided to make similar ones for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

A pastel patchwork version and for my sister-in-law (who's tastes I wasn't sure of) I just chose a pretty, modern piece of Riley Blake fabric and quilted down the wavy lines...

For each of the recipients I also made some pretty face cloths -

I did a little quicky tutorial on how to make these a while ago. 

I also made a few more Christmas presents but my computer is going rather slow at the moment and editing all of these photos is slowing it down even more!  I'll do another post soon showing you what else I made, including a cute Russian Doll embellished notebook and some lovely pot-holders! 


  1. I love the cosmetics bags...your swap partner, MIL and SIL must have been 3 very happy ladies!! Everything lovely as usual, i also really like the little needle case must attempt one to save me stabbing my fingers each time I open my sewing box!! :D xx

  2. Those quilted bags are just lovely, I like the quilting with the fabric pattern idea it's really effective! I bet they were very well received.
    Kandi x

  3. Wow gorge make up bags! Lovely swap goodies you sent too.

  4. Nice work Rachael, like the make up bag in particular!

  5. You have made a lovely job of the quilted bags.I wish I could do something like that, and your swaps were fab too.

  6. ooooo nice make up/wash bag :-) I love the wavy line quilting!!

  7. What a lovely hoard of advent gifts, and that make up bag filled with goodies would be a real treat!

  8. I LOVE the Riley Blake cosmetic bag. What a lucky sister-in-law! I think I may have to have an attempt at quilting at some point this year. x

  9. Wow! I bet your swap partner was thrilled with all her gorgeous gifts! And, I'm sure that all the recipients LOVED their quilted wash bags! They're gorgeous. I love the fabrics/colours you've used.
    Looking forward to seeing more.....


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