Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Craft Mags...and one for you!

I was lucky enough to receive some Hobbycraft vouchers recently which were beginning to burn a hole in my pocket!  Last week the 2 year old went to spend some quality time with Grandma while we had a trip up to Dundee to visit the new Hobbycraft that just opened before Christmas. 

Its quite a smaller shop than I'm used to - I've visited the Glasgow and Aberdeen stores (Aberdeen in particular is HUGE!).  I had thought about putting my vouchers towards a Big Shot cutting machine....but then changed my mind... and thought I'd spend them on lots of little things instead.

Here's what I got -

A cute little selection of lacy ribbons/trims.  I love how these have a vintage/shabby chic look to them.  I'm thinking of adding them to some new notebook covers to make them extra pretty.

A sweet little stamp.  If I'd had more time last year I would have made my own Christmas present tags, so maybe this year......  I also saw a great idea on City Girl Gone Costal's blog for using stamps like this to make embroidery patterns.... this heart would make a lovely scandi type embroidery - I'm thinking red thread on white fabric...?

I also got some of this -

Any idea what I'm going to (try) to make with it?? 

Buttons of course!  The 2 on the right are actually really nice and shimmery so will hopefully look lovely.  The white one on the left will be more to use to practice with and also with it being plain I can paint/varnish the buttons when finished.

I also got myself some magazines.  Handmade Living is one that I found a while back but is a little harder to come across at my local shops, luckily my mum got me a subscription to it for Christmas so I won't have to try to source it any longer.  (This issue is an older one so I know I'm not going to receive it as part of the subscription!)  This magazine has a lovely mixture of crafts, recipes, outdoors etc and it promotes a more handmade and sustainable way of living. 

If you fancy subscribing you can do so by clicking here.  As a special treat for you I can also give you a code to give you 10% off your subscription!  Simply enter '1UWXB017'.  The publishing group also publishes titles such as 'Sew Hip' and 'Inside Crochet' and you can use the discount code on these too! 

There's a new magazine coming out by this group in February - Modern Quilting.  I managed to drop a big enough hint to my other half and he got me this subscription for Christmas too!  (If you'd like to try this mag, the discount code will also work for this subscription). 

Now,  I didn't show you the best bit of my Hobbycraft goodies - look closely -

That's right, they were in the bargain bin at only £1 each!!  It's because it's an older issue, but luckily one I hadn't already bought...and hadn't paid £4.99 for (otherwise I'd have been really annoyed!).  AND I got 2 copies....I for me, and 1 for you.  I thought it would be nice to bring a little cheer into January and offer you the chance to win a copy of Issue 7 of Mollie Makes.  The free gift is also included.  This is the issue these lovely mug cosies were featured in -

Luckily, one of my Twitter friends has offered to knit me one (since I don't knit).  Aren't I a lucky girl??

So, all you have to do to win the copy of Mollie Makes is leave me a comment...why not let me know if you have any big projects planned this year?  Please, please make sure your email address is visible in your profile otherwise I can't notify you if you've won.  (Just to make sure you could leave your email address in your comment).  I'll draw a winner next Monday (16th January).  Good luck!

16/01/12 - Edited to add - Giveaway is now CLOSED.

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  1. Every thing you purchased is great! Those trims are perfect and I actually have that stamp, your right about using it for embroidery, would look amazing!
    Ohh I do love Mollie Makes, but with all the other mags out there sometimes I have to let an issue or 2 slide, such a bargain at only £1.
    Those mug cozys are gorgeous, what a lovely titter friend to make one for you, I'm still stuck trying to join my twitter to my blog, one day I will figure it out LOL!
    Happy Tuesday

  2. Hello, I've only managed to get 2 copies of Mollie makes since it started such a great magazine :) Have been enjoying reading you blog over Christmas while I've not been blogging at all, hoping to start up know my toddler is in Nursery and I have some time to myself :)

  3. Wow fab goodies Rachel. Mollie Makes for £1 is a bargain! The heart stamp is lovely.

  4. What a bargain! I have only managed to get one copy of the mag and that one had a lot of Tilda makes in it... and I already had the book that they came from! Oh well, some you win and some you lose.

  5. I need to finish the 20 or so projects already started!

  6. What fun! I seldom get to Hobbycraft these days despite living virtually on the doorstep of their head office (my little helpers don't on the whole).
    I haven't quite got my projects lined up for this year; what I really need to do is get to grips with my "new" sewing machine (c. 1978 I think) - it does zigzag stitching which is all new to me. :-)
    Good luck with all your ventures this year.

  7. I'd love a chance to win - thanks! Looking forward to seeing your fimo buttons!
    Maria x

  8. A good bargain for £1.verampalmer@hotmail.co.uk.
    good luck with your new projects.

  9. That's such a good idea with the stamp, saves the fiddly tracing onto fabric bit. I've seen some lovely stamps about too! Can't wait to see your buttons, the sparkly fimo sounds great! X

  10. Wow! What a selection of goodies! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.....
    The Mollie was an absolute bargain!!! If ONLY crafty mags were always £1!!!

  11. PS - You don't need to enter me in the draw. I have that one already (I HAD to but it - for the button freebie)! ;-)
    So, I'll give the other ladies the chance.....

  12. I would love to win the mollie make magazine... I'm dying to knit those mug cosies, they're amazing! My email is: kerryslaw@gmail.com. Thanks :D

  13. The mags look great, the Modern Quilting one, I have put a reminder to follow that one up!

  14. What a great bundle of goodies, the heart stamp looks lovely. I can't wait to see how your buttons come out there's loads of button molds on etsy if you're looking for some I've been eyeing them up for the same purpose. I'll be keeping my eye out for the Modern Quilting mag when it comes out for sure. Win a copy of Mollie Makes - say no more I'm in :)

  15. What a lovely stash I bet you can't wait to get started!Particularly like the ribbons and lace. Enjoy the creating.

  16. Would love to be in with a chance of winning the Mollie Makes mag. I have never actually had a copy before so this would be fab.
    Lovely purchases. I love the trims very much.
    Emma xxx

  17. What a lovely blog! I discovered you via craftymummyoftwo's blog and I've been here an hour already!

  18. Oh your blog is inspiring. I am new to crafting "properly" and I AM ADORING your work.

  19. I love that lace trim :) would love to get my hands on a copy of that Mollie Makes as well :)
    Sue Xxx

  20. I am planning on making myself a big red and white quilt! I am yet to read mollie makes so I would love to have a peek! :D


  21. Ooo, you lucky person! ^_^ So kind of you to give one away! This year my main project is learning to crochet, firstly by making one granny square a day aaaallll year to make a huge blanket! I'm also going to crochet other little things, see what I can put my hand to. Second big project, finally finishing a long cross stitch wall-hanging I start midway through the year last year! :)

    Leanne x

  22. If you buy some Versacraft ink pads - you could stamp up some lovely heart fabric too.

  23. Oooh lots of lovely stash to play with there! Have fun!! Must check out the new store soon

    Amandaxx (from fife craft group on fb)
    amandajanewallace@yahoo.co .uk

  24. Oohh don't know how I didn't see this before, please add me in for this :0)
    This year I'm planning on making or at least making a start on a king size patchwork quilt for my bed, scary!
    Kandi x

  25. Eek is it bad that I'm a crafty person yet have never read a craft/sewing magazine? Maybe this could be my first! This year I have too many things to try and make (and hopefully sell) as I'm still finding my feet but I'd eventually like to get back to what I loved at art college and create big images using fabrics, papers and stitching.

    I love the lace trims btw and can't wait to see your mug cosy.


  26. I would like to enter please! Can't wait to see all the lovely things above used. Hmmm big projects this year...I've certainly got a few of those. Lots of workshops planned and I want to design lots more plush toys to add to my range! My email is buttons@georginagiles.co.uk.
    Speak to you soon on Twitter no doubt :)

  27. All your projects sound very exciting, I can never find Mollie Makes magazine, but I have recently purchased Sew Hip which is fabulous and lots of ideas1 I have just received a sewing machine for christmas and taught myself to sew (3 weeks ago didn't know what a bobbin was!) and have now sewn 2 frocks!! I Love anything handmade and hope 2012 has lots of exciting challenges, inspiration and craftyness for everyone xxx
    From Caroline crinalin@ntlworld.com

  28. Hoorah it's letting me comment! Love the idea of the red and white embroidery that sounds lovely.

    Hopefully this year I'm going to make more accesories for my bathroom, finish off my sunkissed quilt, make a few more cushions for my lounge and hopefully make a new pair of curtains for my dining room. That's besides all the other little projects I've got lined up to use up all my (ever increasing) stash!

    Wish me luck x

  29. Ohh fimo that brings back lovely memories of Mum and I making and baking Christmas decorations when I was about 10. Thank you

  30. Have only managed to get a couple of copies of Mollie Makes but have really enjoyed them. This year am planning to try out some machine embroidery, along with making lots of bags !