Sunday, 15 January 2012


After having so much time off over Christmas and New Year I needed to ease myself into 2012 gently - I hadn't used my beloved sewing machine for almost 2 weeks!!

I decided that in order to start the New Year with a fresh brain full of fresh ideas and inspiration a 'tidy up' was in order.  My fabric has gone from being stored in only a plastic storage box, eventually spilling into a dining room cupboard (because I use the dining table to sew) and now I'm also using a cupboard in the IKEA unit in the living room (which is now full)!  After sewing frantically for the end part of last year my fabrics were beginning to resemble a crumpled mess.  So...I pulled them all out of their hiding places and got armed with the iron and ironing board to tackle this little lot -

Eek!  All that beautiful fabric doesn't look so appealing in a big mess like this does it?! 

So I sorted it into piles - solids, children's prints, bright and funky, pastel and vintage, gingham, heavier weight and so on and so on.  Then I spent a good few afternoons ironing and folding, ironing and folding..... until eventually my fabrics started to look appealing again.  I stored some in a lovely big wooden box and fitted the rest into the living room cupboard -

These are the well known IKEA storage units that almost ALL quilters/sewers seem to have!  In the pile above, from the bottom up there's children's, funky, vintage, and 'grown up'!  Luckily I could fit another neat pile in front of this one, so we also have -

The solids and the gingham.  Ahhh...tidy fabric = a fresh new start to the sewing of 2012!

I also received some lovely new fabric at Christmas.  My sister-in-law is visiting from America so I cheekily placed an order from Fat Quarter Shop and had it shipped to her house in America so she could bring it with her.  I now have the fabric for Joshua's quilt!  I've chosen to use Ready Set Go! by Ann Kelle.

I also added in a couple of fabrics (the bottom 2) that were also nice and bright and will match the other fabrics.  I wanted to go for something that had all the primary colours in it and eventually decided to go with a transport theme.  Hopefully this isn't too babyish and will last him for a very long time.  I've shown him these fabrics and he loves them and is very happy about getting a 'blanket' of his very own!  - He uses my quilt every day, and somehow seems to think that it's 'his'!

I'm not entirely sure what pattern I'll use for Joshua's quilt but I'd like something similar to mine so that it can show off all the lovely things within each piece of fabric. 

I didn't just order the fabric for Joshua's quilt, I also got a few nice little pieces for myself -

Lots for me to play with!  These aren't necessarily pieces of fabric I have plans for, but at the prices charged in the USA it made sense to fill up my virtual shopping basket! 

This week I also ordered a little fabric from Fabric Rehab.  I haven't ordered from them before, so was really pleased to receive my fabric a couple of days later. 

A cute girly mini bundle and a large piece of fabric from the Sunkissed range by Sweetwater.  (It was on sale!)

I also managed to order some sale fabric from Cath Kidston but it seems to be taking an awfully long time to arrive! 

I just need to catch up on all the laundry that seems to keep piling up in the basket and then I can get all of my new fabrics washed so I can finally make something with them!!

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  1. Oh having a SIL in the U.S is so handy!! I love the fabric sales I just wish I had an unlimited budget as I saw so much beautiful fabric for so cheap on a number of sites....having to choose is torture!! LOL :D x

  2. Ah, isn't it blissful when it's all ironed and folded - I did mine over the Christmas break

    I'm hoping for fabric treats for my birthday this year

  3. I've bought 2 plastic boxes for my fabric stash and now realise I need at least one more!

    My brother and sister in law live in the US and we might be visiting them this year. I'd better take a spare suitcase!

  4. I really need to do this too, very impressed that you ironed it all aswell! Although I think fabric looks so much better when it's ironed and folded nicely!

  5. Goregous fabric, there is something very appealing about neatly pressed and folded stacks of fabric :)
    I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award for being one of my top 5 favourite blogs :)

  6. Hello! Happy new year to you. Good to see you've been getting some fabric therapy - it's very pleasing getting jobs like this done, isn't it? Do you keep looking at it and giving a contented smile? I would!
    Emily x

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that little lot! x

  8. Squee! So many pretty fabrics... ^_^ Looks like you're gonna be having lots of fun!

  9. Ooooh!!! What a lot of gorgeous (and beautifully ironed) fabrics!!! There's nothing more satisfying that a good fabric-sort, is there?!?

  10. *sigh* love to see organised, ironed and folded fabric. Feels so good to be organised and to see all your fabric laid out! Love that sunkissed range too, so nice!

  11. Wow what a beautiful pile of fabric! I have serious fabric stash envy! You have made me want to iron my fabrics, they look so pretty! x


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