Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meet and make

Well, I'm very pleased to say that one of my little 'personal goals' is actually going to be met very soon! 

Along with a group of other like-minded crafty folk, I am going to be hosting a little crafty/sewing workshop!! We have decided to call the workshops 'Meet and Make' and you can see our Facebook page here.  The sessions will be friendly and informal, teaching/sharing crafts and cups of tea and cake.  We will also try to meet up every now and then just to craft and maybe have a little swap shop of crafting supplies we no longer need. 

My first workshop will be on Wednesday 1st February and I will be teaching participants how to make a variety of (handsewn) fabric flowers.  These are some I've made as examples -

The brown/cream spotty one will definitely become a brooch for my new black coat!  I'll also be making the rest into brooches and hairslides (eventually going into my Folksy shop).  I just love how shabby-chic they all are, especially the ones with the frayed edges. 

As time goes on I will eventually (hopefully!) be able to teach participants how to use sewing machines and make little projects using them.  I am so excited about the thought of this!

Each of the members of the Meet and Make group have different crafting skills, and Laurie taught the first of the crochet workshops last week.

I can't believe that someone who didn't know how to crochet took this fabulous mug cosy home!  The crocheting continued and a crochet teapot cosy was also produced!

I can't wait to go along to the next crochet workshop - unfortunately I couldn't make this one as the OH was away. 

Jules from The Awkward Niche is also making plans to teach a session, sharing some of her amazing embroidery skills.  Another member, Lee will be making some fab shabby chic home accessories, using some up-cycled objects. 

If you live in the Fife area and would like to come along to my workshop (or any of the others mentioned) please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact Me' button at the top right of my blog or come on over and join our Facebook page to be kept up to date with our exciting future events. 


  1. What a fabulous idea. Do keep us updated with the workshops. LOVE the flowers very much xx

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'd love something like that down this end of the country, I don't know anyone else interested in anything crafty!

    The flowers are lovely!

  3. what a great idea Rachael, learning crafting skills form the web is great but learning them in person over tea and cake is soooo much better.

  4. Congrats on the workshops :-) I really need to learn how to do fabric flowers! x

  5. The flowers look fab. What a great idea to have a crafting meet up like that. it's so much more inspiring to bounce ideas off other like-minded people, and I'm sure when you have a meet-up you'll end up with some great ideas.

  6. What an ace idea! I've just liked your page...bit too far to come and play though. I'm starting teaching sewing classes too, big step!! Fingers crossed it goes well for us all xx

  7. What a brilliant idea!!! I wish I could come along to your sessions - it would be such fun!!! I love the flowers - very pretty!

  8. Amazing !! I like the way the session went on describing the interesting facts.

  9. What a really lovely idea :-)

  10. Sounds like fun! Should I win a lottery, one of the places I plan to visit is Scotland. So, when my numbers come in, I'll make a guest appearance -- and some cupcakes.

  11. I've just visited and joined your meet and make Facebook page, I'd love to go, but Thornton is a wee bit too far from Dunblane. It sounds like a great idea to get local crafters in doing different crafts each week. The flowers look great! :) x

  12. For the first time ever, I think I wish I lived in Fife! x


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