Saturday, 28 January 2012

Swapping skills

I don't knit or crochet, but as soon as I saw the gorgeous mug cosies in issue 7 of Mollie Makes magazine, I knew I *had* to have one!

My cold, bare mug was just crying out for one of these....

So after having a little moan on Twitter that I needed one of these, but couldn't knit or crochet, one of my Twitter buddies @MrsDG (aka Kelli) who also blogs here, offered to make me one! 

After giving her my favourite mug's vital statistics, Kelli let me choose the wool and she knitted me this fabulous mug cosy -

AND she added a pretty pink flower to the front which just finishes it of beautifully! 

As a little thank you to Kelli, I made her a shabby rose brooch -

These are the kinds of thing I'll be making at the workshop I'm running next week, and I'll also make a few more to put in my Folksy shop. 

There are all kinds of craft swaps going on at the moment, crochet for sewing, cross-stitch for embroidery, you name it, people are willing to swap something for it! I love it, I just wish I'd thought of doing my Christmas 'shopping' this way! 


  1. Hehe you're welcome! Glad you like it! :)) will be doing my post next week :) xx

  2. Aww that mug cozy is ace! Use crafty people are so friendly ;)

  3. Love it!! I think I'm going to have ask to Kelli to make me one as well...

    Loving the crafty swaps going on at the mo' - hoping to join in soon myself...

  4. What a cute mug cozy! I've had my eyes on that page of Mollie 7 too (though I'd have to knit and not crochet)!
    Love the rose brooch - what cute spotty fabric!!!

  5. Thanks for the magazine - I'm going to ask my mum to make me one.

  6. How kind, I love the swapping options, you get what you want and the other person gets something they want. I swapped a mug rug for a needlecase a little while back, love my needlecase!


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