Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fabric flower workshop success!

If you're a  follower of my blog, or follow me on Twitter, you'll know that last night I taught my very first workshop!  (There was some info on this in a previous blog post.)

There were 5 participants who all came along to learn how to make a variety of fabric flowers.  The skills of the participants ranged from having never sewn before to some skilled sewers who, like me, were more used to using a sewing machine.  The making of fabric flowers had been a mystery to some, until last night where they have each taken away a new skill. 

I love how everyone was so enthusiastic to learn, it really was a pleasure to teach and share skills with them. 

It was great to see everyone so engrossed in their sewing....

I was well prepared with plenty of different fabrics to try, needles, thread etc, and the tea and coffee was in endless supply!  We were delighted half-way through the evening when Jacquie (who's summerhouse we had the pleasure of using) came in with some huge squares of carrot cake! (And which I unfortunately forgot to photograph!!)

Here are the flowers that the ladies managed to make in just a couple of hours -

I was also armed with my glue gun so we managed to turn most of them into brooches, one into a hairslide and one rose got a pipe cleaner stem and felt rose leaves! 

Here are some of the participants wearing their new flower accessories -

I certainly enjoyed my first taste of teaching and can't wait to have another go.  If you live in the Fife area, you can check out the Meet and Make Facebook page and be kept informed of future workshops run by myself and by others. 


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your 1st teaching session! It looks as though everyone had fun, and made lots of gorgeous flowers! I love the photo of all the flowers together!

  2. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time and the endless supply of tea, coffee and carrot cake makes me wish I could have been there!! :D the flowers all look lovely too, everybody did really well! :) x

  3. Well done Rachael! It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and the flowers look great. What are you planning for the next one? x

  4. Well done. Love the flowers. Think the red stripey one may be may fave :-) And as for carrot cake - YUM :-)

  5. Fab flowers, what a fun evening! I really love the red polka dot one, but they are all lovely! x

  6. what fun :-D looks like you all had a great time!!! Wish i lived near by!!

  7. Awe it sounds fantastic! Do you think you can teach me via email lol! xx


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