Sunday, 5 February 2012

A present and a product

Sometimes I have a new product in mind for aaaaaaages before I actually get round to making it for real.  Sometimes I have the 'excuse' of making something for my 2 year old son and those ideas usually take ages to get around to making too!  This particular idea was a bit of both - I wanted to make Joshua one, but also want to make them as products to sell too. 

I Finally, got round to making......a personalised cushion!

I love this *so* much!  I went for primary colours for Joshua's cushion because when I finally get round to making his quilt, the colours will be like these so I know the cushion will 'go'. 

The cushion cover is envelope style -

Fully removable, machine washable and iron-able (if that's a word?). 

There's red gingham binding around the edge of the cushion and a lovely blue trim on the envelope edges -

Joshua hasn't actually been given his 'present' yet as I had to get some good photos of it first!  I know he'll be delighted with it though - we're still using his/my U shaped baby feeding cushion on the comfy chair in his bedroom, and I've been promising to make him a new one for some time. 

So now that it's finally done, I have now also listed these cushions in my Folksy shop.....  Obviously they can be made in any colourway and I'm looking forward to working on a pretty pink one for a very girly girl next :)


  1. That is just so pretty.You are so clever!

  2. It's really lovely, such a nice gift! x

  3. awwww I love that :-) so colourful!!

  4. Ah, lucky boy, what a lovely cushion - I'm sure he'll be thrilled with it
    Emily x

  5. Fab cushion, what a lovely mummy you are! Looks super comfy too x

  6. Love the cushion - especially the gingham bits! Can't wait to see the quilt.....


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