Sunday, 4 March 2012

Branching out

A week and a half ago I returned home from a shopping trip with these -

I finally decided to learn crochet! Or should I say 'teach myself' crochet.  My main reason for wanting to learn is that I do my sewing through the day and not in the evenings, meaning that I sit infront of (rubbish) tv most evenings achieving not very much!  Hopefully, now, I can crochet away and have something pretty to show for all those evenings slumped in front of the tv :)

Hearing of my new venture, a Twitter friend @LforLemonade offered to send me some wool she no longer needed, I had a few more colours to play with!

Thank you so much Emma!!  Emma has provided me with much crochet inspiration as she is fantastic at it herself, you can see her blog here

I used a few YouTube videos and got myself started.  To be honest I found the whole theory of the basic stitches pretty easy, it was just a matter of getting my hands to do what my brain wanted!  And getting that dreaded tension right.  So I practiced and practiced,

Rows and rows,

Until finally my crochet was looking less holey, more even, and well...just pretty :)

Not wanting to stop there, I tried doing a circle -

Not bad!

So many rows, all unravelled again so I could re-use the wool.  I needed to make something to keep.  I decided on a jar cosy and ended up making 3!  My first one was the stripey one, I love how this turned out, the picture doesn't show the colours very well as I took it at night.  The blue and pink were created soon after -
They are completely brought to life with a glowing candle inside, shining through the gaps in the crochet, just beautiful! I think I may end up using the stripey one as a pen-pot as it's so pretty (and the gaps are not so big so the light doesn't shine through at all). 

As pretty as they are, I decided that one only needs so many jar/candle cosies!  It was time to start a 'proper' project.  I've collected a few ideas on my crochet Pinterest board and eventually decided on a gorgeous cowl. 

I used this tutorial, lost count of my rows and just ended up making it as wide as I wanted.  Nearly there....

It only took me a couple of evenings to make, of course I also managed to squeeze in a little bit of crochet through the day when I had 10 minutes to spare!  But it was really enjoyable to just sit and crochet row after row, whilst sat on the sofa watching tv.  And I have something beautiful to show for it! 

Here's a picture of me wearing it - do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of yourself in a mirror!?  (I chopped half my head off too, oops!)

So, that just leaves the question of what to make next?  I was thinking of a cream scarf :)

In my next blog post I'll show you some sewing related things I've made to go with my 'new' hobby! 


  1. Congratulations on cracking crochet, you have done really well. When I was learning I pulled it out more times than I care to remember, but it's a great pass time and handy to do in front of the TV. Look forward to seeing what else you create.
    Kandi x

  2. Oh that's brilliant ....and god your a quick learner lol.
    Love crochet and taught myself about 6 months ago.
    Kate x

  3. That is amazing-love it!! I can knit and can crochet granny squares but I can't follow instructions so am going on a crochet course in April-can't wait to make some of the fab things that are out there and that cowl needs adding to my list now. Well done!

  4. The cowl looks brilliant!! Well done you!! It's amazing how addictive a new craft can be and how it opens up so many new possibilities for making things! :)) xx

  5. it all looks fab to me, i taught myself american crochet so do still get confused between american and english lol x xx

  6. What a fantastic beginning. I can't crochet, but have recently had an itching to try, I think you must be a natural,your results look pretty impressive to me.

  7. Wow Rachael, I really love the crochet, and as Jane says, you must be a natural. To make a knitted cowl like that would take MANY evenings; I am very envious! x

  8. I am so impressed! All that in just one and a half weeks! That is what I love about crochet though - it grows SO quickly (unlike knitting which I simply can't get the hang of). And I love your blog, the first one I've ever read, actually.

  9. Wow how quickly did you pick up crochet?! I have been doing it for ages now and still now made anything useable! I am very jealous! xxx

  10. That cowl looks amazing! I can't how quickly you've picked it up!! Looking forward to seeing what else you make!
    Maria x

  11. Thanks for sharing. I love doing crochet stuff...nothing really serious. Just playing around. Best wishes, Linda Also following you now..

  12. awww thank you so much for the mention Rachael! :) You're making such good progress, I think you'll be crocheting better than me soon....I'd better watch my back! ;) x x x

  13. There is no end to your talents! As you can imagine, I am very jealous that you're crocheting - and ACTUAL things too (as opposed to just squares)!!! I have NOT managed to learn yet. Where did you find instructions for the BASICS? I keep on trying, but just can't get it at all!
    Can't you just come over and teach me?!?!

  14. Wow! You're an expert now!! I love the tea light idea! x

  15. Rubbish tv is a totally guilt-free pleasure when you're crocheting/knitting/hand-sewing binding/embroidery etc. at the same time!

    Going to have to add jar cosies and a cowl to my list of things to test my crocheting on, yours all look fantastic!

  16. wooooooow! I've been trying to teach mhyself crochet for so bad at it but I want to be good :-( booooo :-P You have done so well!!


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