Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fabric gifts for Mothers Day

It's Mothers Day here in the UK and of course my thoughts of gifts for my mum turned to fabric!  I love the fabric basket I made for myself a few weeks ago and instantly thought of making one for my mum too (she has as many crafting hobbies as I do so I knew she'd find it really useful). 

So here's one I made for my mum - it's not as deep as the one I made for myself, but it's still roomy all the same -

This time I used 2 gorgeous Clarke & Clarke fabrics, these are heavy weight home furnishing fabrics, perfect for making sturdy little baskets.

This pretty wrapping paper that I got from IKEA last week adds a beautiful finishing touch to the gifts :)

I also got some lovely Mothers Day goodies today, along with a card from Joshua I also got one from my other baby -

The cat!

I also got some pretty flowers in an outdoor planter, chocolates and these cute baking measuring cups -

Over the weekend I have been working on turning an old WIP into a finished item!  I'll show you all in my next post :)

PS - Just in case you're interested you can see here what I made for my mum for Mothers Day last year. 

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  1. I love these fabric baskets! Did you make them up as you went along, or follow a pattern? If you had a pattern, could I be VERY cheeky and ask where you got it from?
    I clicked to see what you made last year. I am thinking of making that cushion for my best friend for her 30th - she spotted it an old 'Sew Hip' and said she really liked it. How easy/tricky was it?

  2. A delightful gift and a pleasure to receive. : ) Your fabric basket is a picture!

  3. I love that fabric basket, its such a good idea and so useful. I'm sure your mum was very pleased. You have such a clever cat! lol. I had a card too from my dog. Hope you had a lovely mothers day :)

  4. I'm pretty sure 'the cat' drew the picture himself!!!

  5. The fabric basket is adorable. Is it your own pattern? Wouldn't the kitty on the card look cute in the basket? I know one of our many cats would jump in there in a heartbeat!

  6. That is awesome! Love it. The little measuring cups are so sweet too!

  7. I love your fabric basket, so pretty! Where do you get the Coats and Coats fabric from? Is it an on-line shop?

    I didn't get anything for mother's day. Ok, granted, I don't have any children but I do have four bunnies!

  8. You have a very lucky Mum. I made some lovely vintage looking lavender hearts for my Mum which she really liked. My boy in France sent a long awaited email so I was happy, and my Mother-in-Law gave me some pretty plants. Not too hard done by!

  9. Love your fabrics basket.It´s very nice!

  10. so the fabric you used for the basket and the measuring cups are so sweet!!

  11. Oooh im loving those measuring cups!! Very pretty. :) xx


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