Thursday, 22 March 2012

Meet and Make - Embroidery workshop

Last night was Julie's turn to teach a workshop for the Meet and Make group.  Julie's passion is embroidery and she was keen as mustard to share her enthusiasm for this craft! 

The location was the summer house where I taught my workshop last month.  Here it is all lit up, looking cosy and inviting!

We were all gathered on comfy couches, around the log-burning stove...

Julie was super organised and handed each of us a little embroidery pack containing all that we would need for the evening - needlebook with needles, instruction booklet, embroidery hoop and canvas to sew on. 

To familiarise ourselves with the basic stitches Julie had prepared a little sampler for us to sew -

We worked through this, practicing running stitch, backstitch, chain stitch and blanket stitch. 

After my first 2 rows I decided to use one of the variated threads - they have a rainbow colour effect, mine was pink shades and turned out so pretty :)

I even mastered a few french knots at the bottom!  I am very pleased about this as I haven't managed to get the hang of them before. 

Julie had prepared 3 different designs for us to choose from, a fox, hedgehog and badger.  I chose a fox and then chose the thread colours I wanted to work with -

We started with the outline and then moved onto filling in the fur and facial details...

I just love how the fox really came to life the more I continued to sew, and by the end of the evening, this is how my embroidery looked -

I am so pleased with this!  I will carry on, adding more detail to my fox.  I wanted to try an applique leaf but I think this one is maybe a little overpowering and detracting the detail away from the fox so I may remove it and sew the leaves with embroidery detail instead.  This little fox (I'm hoping) will end up as a lovely wall hanging.  I even managed to do some clusters of french knots for the eyes!

Here are some of the other fab ladies who were there last night, and their creations -

I have done embroidery before, but as with most things, it was self-taught, and it always makes such a big difference having someone 'teach' you so that you can ask questions (and boy did I ask A LOT of questions, sorry Julie!).  It's definitely given me a bit of encouragement to have a go again, maybe with some designs of my own. 

Now, the only problem is going to be deciding which craft to do when I get a bit of free time!


  1. Oooh! I love the look of that summer house - it looks so cosy and inviting!
    I love the little sampler - what a great idea!!! I need to learn some different stitches. I just do up and down ones!!! ;-)

  2. This looks like a really enjoyable workshop and what a wonderful venue, so cosy. Isn't it amazing what we can all do when we put our mind to it! Your fox really is coming to life. Would love to see it when it is finished x

  3. That looks a fab place to work in! I wish I lived nearer! I love the fox design and I would probably have picked that one too.

  4. How cosy is that summer house, lovely! Nice stitching too!

  5. Your embroidery is lovely Rachael, can't wait to see it finished! I think that the sewing sampler would be lovely finished and framed too x

  6. This is such a fantastic idea! I would love to join a group like this! The summer house is just beautiful! xxx

  7. I'd love a summer house like that! Lovely embroidery. It must be so nice to be part of a group like that and enjoy crafting together x

  8. You all look like you have lots of fun on these workshops...brilliant idea!


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