Saturday, 24 March 2012

No longer a WIP!

Every time I have a little tidy up of my craft area (i.e. my corner of the dining room!) I come across the same pile of WIP's...and each time I get the same guilty feeling that I haven't even given any of them a second thought.

Well, every now and then something will happen and I'll have a lightbulb moment - namely thinking up a use for one of my WIP's. 

This time, it was the turn of this one to be turned into something useful -

This was my very first (and so far only) attempt at log cabin patchwork.  It's a great way of using up scraps and those long thin pieces of fabric I can never bare to part with (the ones I know will come in useful one day!).  I think when I started this I must've had my son in mind as it's not my usual blend of colours (i.e. pink!) but I love the bright blue and yellow combo. 

Lately, Joshua has taken to claiming 'my' cushions (this one and another similar) as 'his' so I thought it was high time he did have his own!  This piece of patchwork was a perfect start.  I had a rummage and found a few more pieces of fabric to continue the log cabin effect and then framed it all in plain cream.  I quilted it with vertical lines, roughly following the lines of the patchwork, and here is the finished cushion -

The colours of the cushion really remind me of Springtime so I think these pretty Daffodils frame it perfectly :)

The cushion is backed with a lovely bright blue gingham -

Here is a close up of the patchwork and some quilting lines -

Here you can see the effect of the quilting much better - all nice and soft!
Joshua is now over the moon to have his 'own' cushion!


  1. That is a lovely cushion! I love the colours.

  2. The cushion is absolutely beautiful.I love the colours and the design.I will definitely have a go myself one day!!

  3. I got cushion jealousy ... My color combination aesthetic... Aww I need it ..

  4. I love the colour combo, really makes a fab cushion. Looks like a comfy one too - I am a big sucker for comfy cushions :) x

  5. This is really lovely. Well done. Drop me an email at so we can arrange the button swap :-)
    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Emma xxx

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I love it!!! What beautiful colours - and I can't believe that that was your first ever attempt at log cabin! I think I might have to give it a try. What a clever use of scraps!
    Well done, you!

  7. Colour combo is lovely and fresh, perfect for spring. well done you. :O)

  8. I do hope Joshua is pleased with his new cushion. Now he may leave your others alone. Love the colours!

  9. oooooo thats lovely :-) the colours are nice and fresh!!

  10. Thats a lovely cushion :) You always make such lovely items. Thank you for being an inspiration x

  11. Great springy cushion, Rachael, I bet that's a hit! x


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