Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sewing for crochet

If you're anything like me, you will use *any* excuse to sew something!  Well, if you saw my last post you'll know I'm now 'hooked' on crochet.  And of course.....that  means I need crochet storage!  ....Do you see how my mind works ;)

Well, I have some gorgeous new Cath Kidston fabrics in my stash (from the Christmas/New Year sale), so it seemed only right that I should choose some of them them (since they're so pretty!) to make something for myself.

My chosen ones :)

Wanna see?

Don't they look soooooo pretty together? :)

I even played about with the selvedge to make a little Cath Kidston label for inside 'it' -

Crafty huh?

Am I teasing you too much with these sneeky peek photos?

Well, here's what it is - a gorgeous (and ever so handy) crochet-on-the-go (or infront of the tv) bag -

Since finishing my cowl, it's sadly empty at the moment...but that will soon change when I decide on my next project.

There's a gorgeous vintage button closure.

Just setting the scene.... :)

But I didn't stop there, oh no!  My wool collection is now growing so I *also* need somewhere to store that....

How's about this - fabric storage basket?

Made from the same heavy weight Cath Kidston fabric teamed with a gorgeous Clarke and Clarke beige gingham.  Yummy!

These 2 new things are definitely my favourite things I've made for a while - the kind of things where you just have to keep looking...and smiling :)


Now all I need to make is something to store my hooks in ;)


  1. I think your crochet 'makes' are fab, as always - please can I have the 'recipe' for the fabric basket? My wool stash is getting a bit out of hand, I am currently using the prototype for Lisa's bag but would love a basket.

    Um, did I miss the post where you made the quilt in the background? I love the quilting detail.

  2. Well, you have been busy!!! What lovely (and practical) makes! I'm sure all your crocheting bits and bobs are very happy indeed with their new homes!

  3. Lovely items, it's nice sometimes to just to make something for yourself, thought I was going to have a skirt until my daughter spotted the fabric, now she has a new skirt! Really like the basket.

  4. I have nominated you to receive a Liebster Award! Just visit my blog post to see how to claim it

    Congratulations! X

  5. Oh wow!! These are so gorgeous!

    I LOVE the storage basket - please can you do a tutorial?! :o)

    Have fabric arriving this week, so may have to play at the weekend any make my own version!!

    Inspiration again, thank you Rachael xx

  6. I love the storage basket too (and would also love a tutorial!!). I could fill all the nooks and crannies of our house with those...with 4 children there are mountains of little bits and pieces!! They'd also make a lovely gift filled with some nice bath goodies or something! :) xx

  7. Amazing makes as always - and so useful too! Look forward to seeing some crochet makes soon (although if you find a flower tutorial you'd like to share, I for one, would be very grateful as I cannot get to grips with it!)

    Rhi x x

  8. Wow these are fantastic! I need to make myself some! Although for now all my yarn is in a pretty basket! xx

  9. Lovely sewing ideas for your new hobby! Where do you get the time from? Don't think your bag will be big enough for very long though!! I always end up needing a new bag for each project as I get carried away and want to start on something else before 'disposing' of the remnants of the previous project! Looking forward to seeing what you create to keep your hooks in :)

  10. Love little carry-all. I'm impressed you picked up on crochet so fast. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  11. The basket is lovely and a great storage idea for wool, its so pretty. I'm really impressed with your ctochet skills, you've picked it up really quickly :)

  12. I really love that bag! I keep looking at it thinking "Yeah, I could do that!!" Maybe. One day, perhaps?!

  13. Gorgeous! The CK fabric works so well with that gingham. I've got one yarn bag which I stuff everything in, but I've been thinking I need more yarn storage! I was going to make a crochet hook case (I made one for my mum, there's a tutorial on my blog if you're interested) but in the meantime I put them in a glass jar and I think I prefer that.


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