Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring cleaning

There must be something in the air lately...it's been making me want to tidy up my supplies.  Or maybe it was just that everything was becoming such a mess that it *needed* tidying up!

As you may know, I do my sewing on the dining room table.  This means that projects have to be tidied away at meal times and the sewing machine is put away in it's box every night.  Yeah, I know, it's a real pain. 

I'm also not the tidiest person.  I grab a pile of fabrics for my current project, get so engrossed in the project, move on to another...and before I know it there's a little fabric mountain at the end of the dining table...

So a tidy up was in order.  A big tidy up.  I haven't taken any 'before' photos, but believe me, it was a big mess - different piles of this and that - everywhere. 

I started off by tidying up my half of the study (this is a very messy place as the OH is as messy as I am and he works from home...in the study...you get the picture).  My half of the study is more for storage than for working in, although I do have a desk, just not really big enough for manoeuvring sewing machine and fabrics etc.  Plus, I thought if I tidied it up in there it would hopefully make a bit more storage space for my sewing things. 

Tidy bookshelves - magazines and scrapbooking supplies.

I had a really good tidy up and clear out, 1 massive bag for the paper recycling bin and 2 bags for the charity shop.  That felt good :)

Next I moved onto the sewing corner of the dining room.  Luckily we were also headed to IKEA yesterday (no coincidence!) so I managed to pick up an extra set of drawers that would fit neatly into a little space next to the table.

Ahhh...fresh storage! 

I had fun filling these up...mainly because I was moving fabric from an overspill box into actual proper storage!

A drawer of lovely vintage fabrics.

A drawer for 'large' pieces of fabric!

The top drawer will be a place for useful things - like postage items, odds and ends etc (and I forgot to get a photo of this one!).

I also tidied up the existing cupboards and dug out some old boxes I'd been keeping as I knew they'd come in handy one day! 

Fancy ribbons - pretty :)

More ribbons!

Multi-coloured zips.

Lots of binding.

These boxes are now neatly stored in the cupboards along with my scrap basket and every day sewing items - sewing roll, spool basket, etc. 

I also purchased some really handy hanging shelf thingys.  I think they're supposed to be spice racks for the kitchen, but I knew they'd be perfect for all my jars of buttons!

Ooooh! I was right - it looks fantastic!  I can now have pens and scissors to hand - and they're way high up, so no chance of my son reaching them. 

I also ended up with some storage space on top of the new fabric drawers.  The white box was a present from my OH - it's from Dunelm Mill.  My lovely patchwork notebook is now easily accessible too.  (My notebook has now become one of my most favourite handmade items - it's soooo pretty!)

You can see here the cupboards above and below my 'shelves' where all those boxes full to the brim with sewing goodies are now stored.  (The rest of my fabric has sneaked it's way into cupboards in the sitting room!)

And lastly, as I came across some Cath Kidston scraps and some of the stamping I'd done a few weeks ago I decided to make myself a little lavender hanging for my new sewing space.  I don't know how well you can see it but where the 2 fabrics join I have used the frayed selvage edge as a feature! 

Now all that remains is for me to keep it this tidy!

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  1. What an amazing amount of lovely crafty goodies you have, I'm quite jealous..... Good luck in keeping them tidy :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Ooooh! I LOVE posts about people organising their crafty bits and bobs. I think it's partly due to the nosy parker in me!!! ;-)
    I sometimes quite like making a bit of a mess in my crafty room - just so I can sort and reorganise everything again!

  3. Oooh, this is lovely - so organised and pretty looking! I've been having a bit of a clear out of random rubbish in my flat lately - getting things organised is so satisfying!
    Maria x

  4. I love all your fabrics. I really could spend a fortune on fabric and craft supplies. Your craft storgae area looks so cosy. It makes me want to craft all day!

  5. It looks so fantastic now it's all tidy! I love IKEA for great storage solutions! I can't wait to have a space like this of my own one day! x

  6. I am so jealous! Your storage ideas are amazing! I particularly like the little wire racks - that's inspired and the drawers of fabric - oh so tidy! I tried to tidy up my fabrics the other day, but could not get them that neat for the life of me!

  7. Ditto re: Fran's comment. My first thought was "I'm SOOOO jealous!" My third babe took over my study/come dressing table room and the family room just isn't the right place to cordon off a makeshift sewing room. But I have commandeered a shelf in the sideboard by moving the hoards of the kid's books to their respective bedrooms. Here I have a see-through under-bed plastic crate which is prefect for my growing store of fabrics. IKEA is a perfect yet dangerous place as so many things would tempt me. And I love the wall jars. Just fab.

  8. Oh i think it looks just lovely :-) I wish i could get that organised!!

  9. It looks great at the moment. Good luck keeping it that way. Your household sounds just like mine. My OH works from home too. We shared a study but moved it to a slightly smaller room. Now I have been squeezed out except for a few shelves! Does this sound familiar?

  10. Very organised. I tidy my craft stuff and a day later its a mess again ooops!

  11. Great! so happy that you have a new space for your sewing. It looks very organized and happy.

  12. Kooks really good. Im a bit like you I have to craft on the kitchen table and I hate just getting into something only to have to tiday it all away again. Oh for a dedicated crafting sapcs. Sigh!

  13. Wow, you have so much stuff (all very pretty!!)...and I thought I was bad! I keep looking at the cabinet in the dining room that houses a lot of my craft things (as well as a cupboard or two of toys) and thinking I should sort it out a bit....and that's when my mind kind of goes a little blank and stops working... :D xx


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