Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vintage linens

I found some gorgeous vintage linens hidden away in a charity shop last week.  There was a massive basket full to the brim of pillowcases!  I had a good rake through and found the prettiest ones -

I wasn't sure what I'd make with them but I knew I *had* to have them! Aren't they so pretty?

A while back I made some lovely tote bags from some of the Cath Kidston fabrics I recently got in the sale.  (I've just realised that I didn't blog about the fabric OR the bags I made! What was I thinking?!)  Anyway, it hit me that these vintage pillowcases would be just the right amount of fabric to make into big roomy bags! 

I discovered that dark binding really makes the fabric 'pop' and I absolutely love the effect!

Here's how this one turned out -

The bags are such a great size for shopping, library books etc etc and I've also had a few orders this week for ladies who want the bags for their knitting!  There are ties at the bottom side of the bag so that you can fold them up - handy for taking to the supermarket.  The french seams all round also mean that they're super sturdy. 

Here are some of the others -

This one has a very 80's summer feel - reminds me of my early summers as a child :)

Gorgeous blue florals...

Then I suddenly remembered some other vintage fabrics I had hidden away 'for a rainy day'...

The brown and white fabric on the top is a rectangular tablecloth - I *love* this fabric but have never known what to do with it, and the bottom pale floral fabric is curtains!  Both perfect for making into bags -

Just as I thought - gorgeous!

And this one is pastel and so pretty.

These bags are for some Spring craft fairs that I have planned for this month, coincidentally I feel like these fabrics are very Spring-like and hopefully people will love them as much as I do (it will be hard to part with some as they really are beautiful fabrics!).  Alternatively, if you'd like to buy one just leave me a comment or email for details :)


  1. What a lucky find! And what a great job you did of injecting new life into them!!!

  2. You have been busy - they look fab, perfect for Spring! x

  3. It's great when you find something so nice and then to transform it into something so pretty and useful gives you a real buzz. I love vintage embroidered linen, lost count of the number of tablecloths I've just had to have!

  4. Love good finds in charity shops, and those were some real beauts!

    You've made them into fab bags too, really lovely x x

  5. Oh they really did make good bags!! lovely!!

  6. Lovely! And what a great charity shop find...
    Emily x

  7. What a fab idea! I've got a stack of old bed linens waiting to be made into shopping bags instead of the reusable plastic ones, but I was planning on using the duvet covers, I hadn't thought about the pillow cases.

  8. These are gorgeous. I can never have enough bags :-0
    The stripey pillow case reminds me of my childhood - I think we had stripey sheets too x
    Marie xXx


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