Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Charity shop success!

My 'real-life' sewing friend Jules of The Awkward Niche had a rare day off this week so we decided to have a girly day of trawling the local charity shops.  We went to a town that had about 10 charity shops - however, neither of us had ever been to any of them before!  It was an exciting day, one of those filled with hope and excitement of what we might find.  I'm very pleased to report that we certainly weren't disappointed!

As always, my mission was to find fabrics and I knew I'd also be keeping an eye out for any great toys/books for my 2.5 year old.  Julie was hoping to find buttons and some plain fabrics she could embroider.

So you wanna see what I got??

The first shop we went in had some gorgeous vintage bits and pieces, I got these 2 pieces of pretty fabric -
I also got these -

The top fabric is just so pretty, the piece is a decent size too!  The bottom piece is a brand new napkin (never been used by the look of it - originally from Habitat).  It's a lovely denim coloured linen and I thought it would be perfect for doing some embroidery on.  Julie also managed to snap up a couple of these for embroidering too. 

I also got a massive piece of royal blue fabric from here which you can see in a pic further down.

We then ventured further into town and managed to find a few more bits and pieces.  We found a LOT of these -

You will be VERY surprised to hear that I didn't buy a single button!  Honestly!  I remembered all my button jars...full to the brim..., I was very good :) 

A few more shops later and I had accumulated a fantastic collection of solids -

The solids in this pile are all brand new pieces of fabrics, the blue will be so handy for backing/lining 'boy' projects, and the neutrals are fabrics I go through so much of.  The largest piece of cream fabric here is easily 2.5m long.

I worked out that the total of ALL the fabrics I bought came to.....£3.00!! I'd say that was a very successful day's charity shopping!

Of course, Joshua was not forgotten, I found this little pile of goodies for him -

Julie and I have agreed that since our charity shopping day was so successful we should definitely make it a regular event in our calenders!  Here's to next time ;)

PS -  you can head over to Julie's blog to see what fab charity shop finds she bought too! 


  1. I love the blue flower print...gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. I don't know how on earth you managed to not buy all of those buttons!! Wish the charity shops near me were as good...hoping next time I make a trip to my mum's house I can trawl her local ones as she lives a little more rural and I find they always have much better stuff than city ones! :) x

  2. What a lovely bunch of goodies from your shopping trip! I never seem to have much luck at the charity shops, will have to try again this weekend/

  3. This is what I miss from living in the UK, the charity shops in Ireland are rubbish literally just full of it!

  4. You lucky girl, what pretty fabrics! Like Amanda said I never have much luck at charity shops either!

  5. wow, good fabric haul :) Can't believe you didn't get buttons they look great. I've not found any great fabric finds in the local charity shops here yet - time for another look I think.

  6. Buttons are the chocolate of the sewing world. I applaud your will power. My girlfriends and I do regular thrift store runs. We've scored many wonderful finds over the years. Even if we don't, it is fun to see where all those 80s sweaters have gone to die!

  7. Oh I am so envious! What a lovely bundle of goodies! Back in the UK I loved diving into charity shops to see what I might find…no such opportunities here in Germany… and the buttons; I can’t believe you didn’t get any…

  8. What?!? You passed up buttons?!? You are VERY disciplined!!! :-)

  9. Love charity shop shopping! Me and my sister regularly trawl the charity shops near me! Im impressed you resisted the buttons! Im not sure I could have - well done you :)

    Rhi x x


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