Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter weekend

Easter weekend comes with an excuse to make little 'springtime' themed gifts for Joshua, and luckily today, we had dry enough weather (this morning anyway!) so that I could hide a few little things around the garden for him to find. 

I hid these little creatures -

Joshua was delighted to find them! (The birdie is from this tutorial on Attic 24 blog, the rabbit is my own design and the lamb is Tilda, both of which you can read more about in my previous post)

A few weeks ago I gave my mum this old copy of Mollie Makes magazine and asked her to make some of the crochet carrots -

She enjoyed making them so much she carried on with some others (using free tutorials online) and ended up with this lot of fruit and veg -

I also left these around the garden for Joshua to find!  There's pumpkin, pear, turnip, tomato, carrots and radishes. 

My mum also gave Joshua a set of cute books about 'Gossie' and even managed to crochet him a Gossie of his very own -

So cute!  Joshua got him yesterday and insisted on taking him to bed last night too. 

My other half also gave me some lovely flowers today -

And whilst it was dry and bright outside I also managed to pot on some of the beans I planted a few weeks ago,

And I've also made a hot cross bun loaf...

So all-in-all, it's turned out to be a nice weekend of treats for us all :)


  1. oh what a lot of nice goodies there, you (and your mum)have been very busy. Bet Joshua had a great time searching the garden.

  2. Looks like you've had a lovely Easter weekend, your loaf looks delicious!

  3. Some gorgeous makes there.Hope you enjoy the rest of the easter break X

  4. All looks fabulous xx any sign of the buttons? Xx

  5. Wow - what a fabulous weekend you all had! I am loving the crocheted fruit and veg. What a talented mum! Kim

  6. Looks as though you had lots of fun..... I think I might come to your place for Easter next year!!! ;-)
    Your mum's crochet is fab! I love those vegetables from 'Mollie'!!!

  7. Lots of treats indeed! Gossie is so cute, what a lovely Nanna your boy has :) x

  8. What lovely things you made! Such a good idea, loads better than chocolate!

  9. The hot cross bun loaf is clever! I was making the buns and it never occurred to me to just make a loaf. Next year, I will be clever too. The little gifts are so cute, and what a sugar free haul for your little guy!

  10. sounds like you had a wonderful Easter...lucky you having a dry day...ours was cold and wet and any Easter hunts ended up being done indoors,which wasn't very good for my nervous disposition, particularly when they raided the china cabinet...but the kiddies all had fun! :) x

  11. Hi! I love your blog! You really have it loaded with some cute stuff! Your mum sure is great at crocheting!

  12. I especially love the lamb and what a fun idea! I have only got to see one issue of that magazine and I fell in love with many great ideas!


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