Monday, 2 April 2012

Springtime sewing

We seem to have gone from Spring to Summer right back to Winter, all in the blink of an eye.  We are forecast for snow tomorrow, I can hardly believe it!  It was nice to have the flip-flops out for a whole it'll be back to thick winter coats and cosy boots!

Well, whatever the weather, it is Spring, and with Springtime comes Easter.  You can see here what treats I prepared for Joshua last Easter.  Of course I had to make him a few for this year too!  

I've been really busy lately so it's lucky that I started creating quite a few weeks ago.  The first thing I wanted to make was a Tilda lamb from the Crafting Springtime Gifts book. 

Isn't he cute?! I used lovely soft cream fleece for the body and sweet blue/white polka dots for the inner ears and heart on the tummy.

Tummy detail of a hand-appliqued heart.

For the face, I stitched on the mouth and used fabric pen for the eyes.

I also made up a batch of these bunny rabbit softies - my own design. 

Joshua specifically asked for a red one, so here it is....

I am also having a go at crocheting one of these little birdie decorations from Attic 24.  It's all made, I just need to stitch it up!

My mum has also been busy crocheting some food (fruit/veg) for Joshua - I'll do a crochet unveil in another post!

Usually for Easter I'd hide all of these little bits and pieces in the garden for Joshua to find, fingers crossed we don't have a garden covered in snow on Easter Sunday!

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  1. Very cute lamb! But, I have to say, EVEN CUTER bunnies!!! I love them and their sweet little faces!!! :-)

  2. these are all adorable! Happy Easter!

  3. Oh my goodness, look at that little lamb, he's adorable, especially his little legs and hoofies! The rabbits are fab too, I'm particularly partial to their ears! x

  4. Gorgeous makes! I have had that Tilda lamb on my to make list for the last three springtimes,I have the fabric ready too, shocking! Your freestyle bunnies are adorable too.
    Kandi x

  5. Oh, so very cute! My daughter was exclaiming over your bunnies' cuteness factor! You obviously have a talent for what you do, so hang in there and keep at it. I know you'll make a success of your designs/sewing if you stay the course!


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