Thursday, 24 May 2012

Goodies from USA

Wow, what great weather we're having!  I'm scared to miss out on any of it in case it doesn't last long, however I'm finding the mid afternoons just a tad too hot so I'll take this opportunity to let you finally see all the goodies I got from the Other Half's trip to America :)

Not only did he come back with a suitcase full of fabric for me (that I had ordered from Hawthorne Threads and Lola Pink Fabrics) but he also returned with all these yummy treats -

Mmm, peanut butter and chocolate - what a combination!

Now, onto the important stuff - the fabric.

I place 2 orders and had them shipped to my sister-in laws house in Ohio (where my OH was staying) so not only were the fabrics mucho-cheap, shipping was also next to nothing,  how jammy do I feel?!

So here's some pics of my new fabrics -

I got a huge selection of basics, only after I looked through them did I realise the majority were dots!! (Totally subliminal ordering!), a little bit of Flea Market Fancy, and some Scoot - 'boy' fabrics with a transport theme.  Some of the fabrics were in the sale and of course I couldn't resist such bargains. 

This is the huge bundle of fabrics that I realised have circles or dots on them! 

After I had opened my packages of fabrics I sat at the dining table for ages just playing around with different combinations, there are lots of bright colours in the fabrics I've ordered, I love bright colours, and especially bright pinks, there are a lot of them in there! 

There are also some very pretty neutrals, always handy to have.

Cute boy fabrics which hopefully will be turned into sweet little boy quilts :)

First things first, as with all new fabrics I get, these went straight into the washing machine and out to dry -

* A note re pre-washing fabrics - I always pre-wash my fabrics because a) fabrics shrink the first time you wash them and I don't want someone washing a cushion cover or something else I've made and it shrinks and ends up a mess, and b) I'm worried that bright/dark colours could run into light colours once sewn together and ruin the finished product. 

Not everyone pre-washes, but these are the reasons I'd recommend you do. 


  1. Ohhh those chocs do look good, but the fabric is just that little bit nicer! You got such a lovely selection, very jammy!

  2. Lovely fabrics! Nothing more fun that getting a big delivery, especially when you don't have to pay international shipping! Can't wait to see what you do with these!

  3. Oh my gosh I love it all. Very jealous of your new fabric stash! I too pre wash all my fabrics. Better to be safe than sorry. I don't mind the washing and hanging out to dry bit but the ironing of the fabric is such a chore!! Enjoy the choc - I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter :-)
    Emma xx
    Ps. Buttons on their way. Sent recorded today :-) I do hope they reach you this time.

  4. Woowza, gorgeous fabrics, bet youve got lots of ideas for them already! Happy sewing.

  5. Enjoy your new stash of both fabric and goodies! I love photos quilts, etc, drying outside. I always pre-wash the fabrics. I was taught that you should treat the fabric as badly as it is ever going to be treated and then you will know what it can take. Sensible, I think.

  6. Wow, what am amazing stash, lucky you! Have you had to re-arrange your craft storage to fit it all in?!

    Looking forward to seeing what you make xx

  7. Ooooh!!! Yummy-looking choccies!!! And EVEN YUMMIER-looking fabrics!!! What a lot of lovely ones - I'd love to come over and have a play with them, and sort them into matching sets.....
    What fun!


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