Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Shopping treats

I thought I'd share with you a few of the lovely items I got from a shopping trip on Tuesday. 

We headed North, to Dundee.

The beautiful view over the River Tay towards Dundee
My OH and I had a lovely day out, here was the agenda - shopping, coffee (and cake!), more shopping, lunch, more shopping, home. 

We hit Primark first, and spent a l-o-n-g time in there!  At least the OH had his iPhone/Twitter/Internet to keep him busy while he waited.....

Here's a dress I tried on (and bought), the pic is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea

A very rare sighting - a photo of ME!
I also got a top -

I really love this pinky coral colour and luckily it seems to be in the shops now.  I also need to work on adding bright/light colours into my wardrobe more. 

And that was ALL the clothing I got in Primark (well, for myself anyway, we got Joshua a few bits and pieces).  I did, however, get a few very pretty things for the house -

Cushion cover on the left, tea towls on the right

How gorgeous are these patterns?  Very Cath Kidston inspired...and very pretty.  I just love the cushion cover, I would love to get fabric like this from the roll!

I also got this lovely tea towel -

I *almost* feel that this one is too pretty to will pain me to use it, but it will look so nice hung up in the kitchen!  I really should've bought more to use for sewing with ;)

I also found this cute wrapping paper, again, it reminded me of Cath Kidston -

The red/white star fabric in the background is a cushion cover I got for Joshua's room.  It's all baby blue and cream at the moment, but when he moves into his 'big boy' bed (hopefully no time soon!) I'll introduce more primary colours (and that's where the plan for his own quilt comes in too!). 

Lastly from Primark I got these photo frames/boxes.

I've been experimenting with embroidery/cross stitch lately and I have a plan in mind for these frames. 

Phew, that was a long time spent in Primark.  Can you tell I love it in there?  Cheap and cheerful :)

Then it was time for this -

The OH was flagging after only one shop! 

I was lucky enough to have some WH Smith vouchers so I snapped up this gorgeous collection book from Cross Stitcher -

I can't wait to try some of the projects in here, my mind is absolutely full of inspiration and ideas!

I also got this cute measuring tape washi tape - I couldn't resist!

Lastly, I got me a new scarf.  I've been looking for ages for something that was 'just right' and now I've found it :)

Phew, that was a lotta shopping!  We had a lovely day, and managed to spend lots of time together (even if it was me shopping and him carrying the bags!).  The reason we planned a day together is that next week, the OH heads off to America for just over a week...but on the plus side I've ordered 2 big packages of fabric from American fabric stores...and they're waiting over there for me...yippee!  (I'm just finding the silver lining and all that!)


  1. That looks as if it was a lovely shopping trip! I just love Primark at the moment too....such fab home designs. I always think I should have bought more of their tea towels too! Lol :)

    Jo x x x

  2. Sounds like a great day, love the dress!

    Often used to venture into the city with my other half of a weekend, encouraging him round with the promise of food - lunch here, a coffee win!

  3. Where did you get the Washi tape from,i cant sem to find it anywhere other than online.

  4. Looks like time well spent to me! You've got some lovely goodies. x

  5. You had a very productive shopping trip. Shame about OH going off for the week but he will soon be back!


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