Sunday, 3 June 2012

Home Style

I don't tend to recommend a lot of products to you through my blog, but every now and then I come across something that I just *know* many of you will love (so I have to share!). 

Over the past few months I've been trying to make better use of my evenings (usually spent watching rubbish on tv) and actually do something productive.  First there was a bit of crochet..and some embroidery, and most recently I've re-discovered cross stitch.  This was probably the first sewing I ever did as a child, I was given a little Forever Friends kit for Christmas one year and loved it.  I continued with little pictures of Winnie the Pooh etc, as I think a lot of us did back then :)

I kind of went off it as the magazines a few years ago were terribly old fashioned.  Then, through Instagram and Twitter, I started to see a more modern type of cross stitch emerging.  This book in particular caught my eye -

It's from the team at Cross Stitcher Magazine and is a compilation of the 'best bits' from the mags. There really is something for everyone in this book.  For me, I especially love the Cath Kidston style projects, and there are also some fun projects that caught my eye.  Here's a few of the ones I especially love -

The first project I decided to do from this book was the Union Jack love heart (above top right).  I chose to use slightly more pastel colours and have displayed my finished picture in an embroidery hoop. 

I thought the blue gingham ribbon matched perfectly!  I was thinking of hanging this somewhere on the sitting room wall....just got to figure out where exactly...!

Well as soon as I'd finished this project I'd already decided I *had* to try the cover project - the beautiful bunting.  I've already seen a lovely rectangular white frame in Matalan...fingers crossed the finished stitching will fit this frame!  I'm almost finished - here it is (very crumpled) with just 1 more flag to go. 

To me, the patterns on these flags have a very Cath Kidston feel to them, just beautiful! 

There is also a section at the back of the book of Christmas projects, this advent calender is a lovely project.  I'd love to eventually make Joshua an advent calender and this one may certainly be in the running, it's a great project to break down into little pieces as it's made up of so many little (and quick) stitched pictures.   

If you have this book already and have blogged about any projects you've made from it, please leave me a link so I can come and check it out :)

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  1. Your Union Jack heart looks gorgeous! I prefer it in the colours you've chosen - softer and prettier. I recently bought the cross-stitcher magazine, and there are a few lovely projects I'd like to make from it - must admit I'm a bit tempted to get that book now I've read your post!

    Can't wait to see your bunting finished - it's going to look gorgeous!

    Just wondering what cross-stitch fabric you use and where you got it from. I need to get some for a few projects I've got in mind! Thanks!

    Maria xx

  2. Cross Stitcher is my fav magazine. I just love it. SO I've already got all of the patterns from the Home Style book but that didn't stop me having to force myself not to buy it. He He! Your projects look great. xx

  3. I've recently got back into cross stitch etc! The first thing i ever did was a christmas pudding :-P I'm currently working on a geisha!!

  4. I have done cross stitch before and loved it although other things have taken over recently. Having seen this book though I may just have to have another go. Love the colours you have chosen for the heart.

  5. I think I am going to have to buy this! Thank you for reviewing it for us! xx


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