Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm cured!

It's been in my system for a while now.  Taking over when I least expect it.  A little reminder every now and then.

I think it's gone now. 

Two days of designing and sewing later, and I think I've finally gotten it out of my system. 

Do you ever get so consumed by 'something' you just have to make that you just can't settle til you've done it? (Please tell me you do and that it's not just me!)

I don't get the chance to go away on overnight trips (or holidays for that matter) very often.  But when I do it's a real bugbear that I have to pack ALL of my make up brushes when in reality, I only use 4 different ones every day.  Every time I'm away overnight and I pack/unpack my huge wrap of make up brushes I promise that next time it will be different...that I'll have made myself a little travel sized case for just the 4 that I actually need. 

I don't know what gave me the push lately, but I've finally done it!  I did a quick bit of research online to see what kind of thing was already out there, and decided I didn't only want space for my brushes, but I wanted a little compartment for the small essentials - the little things that always get lost in the bottom of a make up bag - cotton buds, hair bands, lip balm etc.  I did a quick little sketch, worked out some measurements and then chose my fabric. 

I decided to go with the grey print from the Flea Market Fancy line, which you can see a bit of in this post (part of the fabric order I placed from the USA).  I teamed it with the bright yellow circles print which I also ordered from America. 

I hadn't actually sewn on my machine for a while (a 'while' for me is about a week!) so to ease myself back in gently I decided to start with an easy peasy make up bag first. 

I finished the bag off beautifully with this gorgeous wooden vintage button. It's a simple bag, I gave it a box bottom so it's very roomy, when it opens, it folds down like so -

Handy, huh?

This came together pretty quickly so I soon started on my make up brush roll/wrap...which I ended up making up as I went along really.  I decided my original sketches made it far bigger than it needed to be, all I needed was some slots for brushes and a little zip compartment.  After an afternoon of sewing I got to a point where all I had to do was decide on what colour binding to use...of course I wanted a colour that I didn't have. 

A quick trip to the fabric store this morning and I was good to go!   So here, it is, my travel make up brush wrap (and the fabulous RED binding!) -

I decided to keep it really simple and just used a wrap around tie closure and I covered a self-cover button in the yellow circles I'd used for the lining of the make up bag, and also inside this....wanna see?!

Ta-da!  I am *so* pleased with this!  It's turned out exactly how I imagined/planned....or maybe even slightly better, :)

This makes such a gorgeous set, and since I only got half a yard of this fabric I'm glad I've made something out of it which will last me forever and it'll be such a nice treat to use it for weekends away and holidays. 

I may also make a few more, for my Folksy shop...and also for my new Etsy shop which I've opened this week. 

But for now, it's just nice to have gotten it out of my system ;)


  1. I really love the makeup bag! Will you be selling it on it's own? I'd love a really girly pink floral one!! With a hint of polka dots or gingham!!!

    Jo x x x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about 'needing' to make something, there are a few things rattling around in my head right now that will have to wait at least a month :(

    As I said earlier, I love what you've made, and the binding was exactly the right choice! xx

  3. Ooh pretty. My problem is coming up with ideas. :O(

  4. Gorgeous! Those two patterns go together beautifully - I would never have thought to have put them together but they really work. Fab :) x x

  5. I love this! i think this would sell well!
    I am new to all this blogging so thought I would just say a quick hello :0)

  6. These are just gorgeous, and the fabric combo is to die for! I love the make-up bag,it's brilliant. I always end up having all my make-up spilling out of my wash bag which just isn't big enough to hold everything and when I travel anywhere if I've left something behind I suddenly find I "really" could do with it even though I've not used it in ages...so one of those make-up bags would be perfect...and it opens up so big so everything is easy to find...I may have to give MrDG a nudge for my birthday! :D...and then of course you showed me one being used as a travel craft bag...double nudge for the hubby! :D x

  7. Ooooh!!! What fabulous colours - I love it!!!
    Happy weekend to you, dear friend.....

  8. What a lovely set. I love the way you've constructed that make up bag, that is just genius!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful set, love it!!!!! lol, the only thing I have in my system right now is the cold flu and I wish I could get it out of my system, it is interferring with my creative juices.

  10. I absolutely love this! The way the big bag opens and folds down to stay open. What a genius idea!!


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