Monday, 30 July 2012

Crafting for crafters

As a lot of the circles I move in are full of other craft-lovers, it was inevitable that my little bags have ended up being used for carrying crochet and sewing!  The crocheters (not sure if that's even a word!) have also been asking for crochet hook rolls - who am I to argue!?

So, here is a new product to Sew Ray Me -

Crochet hook rolls are lightly padded to protect crochet hooks from bumps and scratches, they roll up and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Inside, there are 10 slots for hooks, with a handy flap to ensure the hooks don't fall out. 

Each roll has gorgeous outer fabric and a co-ordinating lining. 

I've made a few which have already sold, but the one above, along with a few others have now been listed in my Folksy shop

Here's a little peek at some of the others I've made -


  1. These are gorgeous! I need to get improving my crochet skills so I can justify buying myself a crochet hook roll!!! Off I go to work on it right now..... ;-)

  2. Wish I could crochet now lol - they are so pretty! Love them :)


  3. Great fabric combos. If I could crochet, I'd be tempted to treat myself!

  4. I am a crocheter and I love the fabrics you have used for these!! They are just beautiful.


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