Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gifts for Grace

At last, after months of waiting, my friend's baby arrived, a girl!  I have had months to think about what to make for a gift, but without knowing whether to make things pink or blue, I've had to be very patient!

As soon as I heard the news that baby Grace had arrived, I dug out some cute pink fabrics, along with some lovely soft cream towelling I'd bought with baby gifts in mind.

By the time I actually sat down to sew, all of my original plans (of which there had been many) went out the window.  Before I knew it I was making some bibs!  Something I've wanted to try for a while, but had no one to make them for.  I decided to personalised them with the initial 'G' and keep them pretty simple. 

My favourite bit has to be the poppers!  I got a little tool for this and it's the first time I've used it.  I think they really add a professional touch to the bibs.

After a bit more playing around I ended up with some cute little dangly toys.  They are fabric on one side, towelling on the other, a few ribbons as tags and a little added something for some crinkliness inside!

Another thing that I ended up making - purely because I had the towelling fabric, and the idea just came to me was a gorgeous Tilda bunny rabbit.  The pattern is from the 'Crafting Springtime Gifts' book and was so easy and quick to make. 

Isn't she adorable?! (I've since bought some light brown towelling fabric so I can make myself a slightly more grown up version!)

There was 1 more part to Grace's gift but I'll show you that in my next post :)


  1. Oh my that bunny is just gorgeous and i agree the bibs look very professional. What a great gift. :0)
    Kate xx

  2. I love the gifts! The bunny is adorable and do cute. Can't wait to see the light brown version.

  3. Beautiful handmade gifts Rachel your friend and her new baby are very lucky.

  4. Gorgeous! The towelling works so well for the bunny - makes it extra cute!
    Maria x

  5. Wow, these are great. Well done you. :o)

  6. Lucky Grace, they are beautiful gifts.Extra special because they were made by you and have got lots of love stitched into them.X

  7. These are all gorgeous! What a lucky girl Grace is :)

  8. Such beautiful gifts, what a lucky baby! I was wondering about working with towelling. Can you buy it by the metre and is it difficult to sew with? xx

  9. Gorgeous bunny - works so well in towelling. Grace is a lucky baby!

  10. Gorgeous and broody inducing!! I love the poppers too, were they easy!? I've made so many things that could have used poppers... :) x


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