Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trying new things

Having a little boy means that I often struggle to find things to make just for him.  There are plenty of dresses, tops, bags and dolls for little girls, but not so many cute things for boys.

About a year ago I had a go at making Joshua a pair of simple trousers.  There are many tutorials for making these by tracing around an existing pair of trousers to make your pattern.  They turned out pretty well - for my first attempt.  So I decided it was high time I had another go - not least because he has grown out of so many pairs of his trousers recently! 

I found some really cool fabric at my local fabric store, it looks like camouflage, but upon closer look it's actually lots of little dinosaurs! 

We had a few days of sunshine so rather than making trousers I thought I'd start with a pair of shorts (obviously those haven't been needed lately what with all the torrential rain we've had here in the UK!!).  So here are my very simple shorts -

Armed with my new 'skill' I decided to try a pair of trousers...but I wanted to be a bit more adventurous! 

I dug out some plain fabric and teamed it up with some fun 'boy' fabrics and planned the trousers. 

This is the basic trousers, the inner leg seam sewn and ready to be embellished. 

I thought some little 'patches' would be cute! 

This is a little pocket - for the back of the trousers.

The final embellishment is.....

Cute little turn ups!!

So, once the embellishment had all been done, all that remained was to sew up the outer legs of the trousers, and the waistband. 


I am soooo pleased with these!  Here are some other shots of them -

And of course, here's a photo of Joshua actually wearing them (he loves them!)

One last little amendment I did make to them was to add button tabs to keep the turn ups in place.  I purposely made the trousers longer than Joshua needed so that they'd last him a long time. 

I still have some of the dino camouflage fabric left so my next plan is to make a pair of trousers from that fabric too.  I haven't thought what embellishment I'll put on those yet, maybe some front pockets to make them a bit like combat trousers. 

I haven't really ventured into clothing for myself yet but I have ordered some lovely floral cotton with a view to possibly trying to make myself a top from it.  Luckily some Twitter friends are on hand with clothes-making advice ;)


  1. Wow hun these are great! I know what you mean about not being much to sew for little boys.

  2. These are fab, how clever are you! Well done. :o)

  3. very cute, such a darling little boy, also love the trousers!

  4. They are great, it is hard to make fabulous stuff for boys. He is just the most adorable thing I would never get tired of snuggling him! x

  5. These are great. You have just motivated me to give it a go. I bought a pure wool jumper from the charity shop with a view to felting it and making it into baby trousers??? I also have 2 pairs of maternity trousers that I plan on adjusting so they don't fall down when I wear them now. I may just get the old sewing basket out tonight!!!

  6. Fantastic!!! You've done such a brilliant job with these. And those little patches of coloured fabric add so much cuteness!!!
    Your son is sooooooo sweet! And so lucky to have such a clever mommy!!!

  7. Those trousers are really lovely and look really nice on J. He must have been so pleased with them :) You shouldn't have any problems making clothes for yourself. I've made a promise to myself that the next top I make will look as neat on the inside as the outside! x

  8. Love the trousers and shorts! Great fabrics! I know what you mean about the lack of things to make for boys. I found a really nice coat that I want to make for Ollie, but will wait until he isn't growing quite so quickly, maybe later this year! :) x

  9. Rachael, these trousers are amazing, your stitching is so neat and they look brilliant on your gorgeous little man. Looking forward to more xx

  10. Love the dino fabric - perfect for little boys! The shorts and trousers turned out fab, you are so clever!

    Estelle xx

  11. Know what you mean about sewing projects for boys.
    Those trousers are great and Joshua looks too cute in them, think I might have a go at a pair for Rowan!

  12. The dinosaur fabric is awesome (as you know I do love dinosaurs!) and I'm very impressed with your forward thinking on the button turn ups.

  13. Lovely trousers! Have you tried the book Sewing for Boys? There is a link to it on my blog - there are some great patterns in there. I love how quickly kids stuff comes together, so much easier than grown ups!

  14. I love these trousers!!! and I'm so excited you've ordered fabric for making yourself something!!!!!! :D I've just bought 8 balls of yarn, thought it was about time I made something for myself too, all this going on at you to have a go at clothes making made me realise I've never actually made anything for myself either! Oop! :) x


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