Sunday, 1 July 2012

When life gives you scraps....

When life gives you scraps....make stuff!!

I've been making tonnes of my 'anything' bags lately, but the more things I make, inevitably the more teeny tiny scraps I'm left with.  It's no secret around here that I LOVE scraps!  You can see a couple of things I've already done with scraps in the past here (this one is probably my favourite!), here (uh, this is actually another favourite!), and in this post you can read about a swap I did with some of my scraps.  (For even more things I've done with scraps just find and click on the word 'scraps' in the big list on the right hand side of my blog.)

So as my scrap pile started to build up again I had a great idea for a way to use some of these little co-ordinating pieces of fabric....I got out my glue gun and eventually ended up with a pile of pretty fabric badges!

These fabrics are just gorgeous, I love the florals, and the polka dots and gingham were used on the lining of bags I've made and have long gone to their new owners. 

These ones are made with some Flea Market Fancy scraps, you can see the bags made up with some of these fabrics in my previous post

This is a lovely bright combo - the floral is the IKEA Rosali fabric. 

I think this one might be my favourite.  The checked fabric is Cath Kidston and it goes lovely with the pink and white stripe.  Here's the actual bag made up with these fabrics -

The badges will be going into my Folksy shop just as soon as I get a spare moment, they'll be £3.50 per card (of 2) with £1.00 p&p.  If you'd like one before they go into my shop please just let me know.

The bags are £8.00 with £1.00 p&p.  I almost can't make them fast enough to get them stocked in my online shops so if you'd like one just let me know ( and you can have it custom made in any colour you like :)


  1. Gorgeous, love the badges and the little baggie.

  2. Love these badges, fab idea - Im always wondering what to do with the tiny scraps Im left with. well done you. :O)

  3. The badges are lovely!! Have you had a go at making buttons? Cards of coordinating buttons made from the scraps would be great (a bit like the CK ones you bought for your cardi). :) x

  4. Those bags are great and the badges are a fab idea for scraps x

  5. Thank you for your nice comment! I love using up scraps and this is a great idea!

  6. It's great especially with such gorgeous fabrics to have ways to use every last scrap! Fab bags too by the way.

    Loving flea market fancy x


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