Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A quick pillow

We've been back from our holidays for just over a week now....and oh boy, what a week it's been! 

Not only did I have a pile of orders to catch up on, but Joshua (who's actually 3 *today*!) suddenly decided he no longer wanted to sleep in a cot.  (Cue lots of jumping out of his cot...head first...!)

Cue a quick, unscheduled visit to the big blue and yellow Mecca that is IKEA to buy his bed!

Ever since I made my first quilt, (and caught the quilting bug!) I always said I'd make one for Joshua when he got his big boy bed.  I was actually hoping that time wouldn't come til Christmas at least, but it's all happened so quickly. 

I haven't yet had time to make a start on his quilt, however, I did pull out all of the fabrics I have ready and waiting specifically for it, and let Joshua choose some so that I could make him a pillowcase. The fabrics are from the Ann Kelle line 'Ready, Set, Go!' and features trains, cars, aeroplanes and helicopters all in lovely bright colours.  Joshua immediately chose the helicopters and a bright orange solid for his pillow.

While he had his nap that afternoon, I quickly sewed up a pillowcase using this tutorial (obviously I added a bit of patchwork to mine).

Here's the finished pillow -

And I'm very pleased to say that Joshua was delighted with it! 

In order to prepare him for the transition to his big boy bed, I took him shopping to allow him to choose the sheets himself, there were so many lovely colours to choose from, all of which would go amazingly with the Ready, Set, Go! fabric line.....but no, my boy who is obsessed with pink chose a fuchsia bed sheet!

I really don't mind what colour he chose, however, secretly I know that once I make his quilt it will cover the pink sheet anyway!  (It will clash terribly!!)


  1. Aaaah! A big boy's bed!!! :-)
    I love that helicopter fabric!

  2. Wow, such a big milestone! It's so lovely that you handmake so many lovely things for him! I'm sure he will love his quilt even if it does clash! xx

  3. Happy Birthday Joshua!! Love the pillow you've made, good choices by your little man :)

    I wish him a peaceful and pleasant nights sleep in his new big boy's bed (and hope he doesnt do what Lillie did and keep rolling out and sleeping on the floor!)

    Rhi x x

  4. Happy Birthday and Happy Big Boy Bed Day to Joshua. I love the Ready Set Go fabrics, that pillow case is fab.
    I'm planning on making my boys a quilt each when they go into bunk beds together (which will no doubt come far too soon). Good luck with yours for Joshua, looking forward to the updates x

  5. I love that bed, we did look at it when we were looking for beds. My eldest went into a big bed at 18 months as he decided at 15 months he didn't like his cot :-( they grow up so quick. It worked out quite well though as there is only 18 months between my 2 so I didn't have to get another cot.

    I need to put in an order when pay day rolls around!

  6. Haha! I love that he chose a pink sheet!They're such characters at this age!....and ohhhh look at how tiny he was...you're setting off my clucky alarms!!! :) x

  7. That is a very cool pillow - and I love that he picked the sheet himself!


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