Thursday, 9 August 2012

Holiday Treats

As I mentioned in my last post, we are off on our hols tomorrow! Woohoo!!

But that also means a whole week away from the sewing machine...boohoo!!

Luckily my love for hand sewing has returned lately so I've been busy keeping an eye out for projects to work on while I'm away.

I love the idea of filling our home with beautiful handmade pictures for the walls, and with that in mind, I found some patterns that I really liked over at Sewingseed.  I wouldn't normally pay for a single pattern, but I've been trawling the internet (for free patterns) and magazines lately and nothing jumped out at me as much as some of the lovely charts available from Sewingseed.  Luckily I also found a discount code! 

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew it'd be perfect for Joshua's bedroom wall.  I've also bought some pale blue aida to stitch it on. 

I also saw this flower pattern which I instantly loved.  I've been choosing the threads to use for both of these charts and I'm going to do these flowers in pinks rather than the suggested yellow and orange as pink is just more 'me'. 

As an extra little treat, I've also bought myself the Tilda Homemade Ideas 'magazine'.  It comes with fabric to make the purse on the front...however, with no sewing machine for a week this could be torture!  I hope this magazine is good because it wasn't cheap! I'm a big Tilda fan and already have most of the I'll report back after my hols...believe it or not the mag is still sealed and I haven't peeked at all! 

And of course, it's only right that I made myself one of my little bags to store my cross stitch in.  I chose a gorgeous Cath Kidston floral print for the outside and a pink and white stripe for the lining. 

It's the perfect size for a 6" hoop, aida and threads.

I 'll be taking all of my craft goodies in the big sewing bag I made a little while ago.  It's the perfect size for magazines, books and crafting bits and pieces (holding them all together so I don't loose anything).

See you in a week folks! 


  1. Have a lovely holiday! The pouch looks perfect for travelling :)


  2. Wonderful! I'm so happy that my patterns will be joining you on your holiday :) Those bags look beautiful and have me reconsidering what I store my works-in-progress in!

    Thanks so much!


  3. have a lovely holiday, hope the sun shines for you and get some sewing done.

  4. Have a fantastic holiday! Looking forward to seeing all your makes when you get back.

    By the way I did exactly the same gathering up hand-sewing projects to take away - completed the binding on 4 Christmas coasters and some embroidery :)

  5. Enjoy your vacation! Jealous! And can't wait to see the Tilda purse when you are done!

  6. Have a great holiday!Please let me know what the magazine is like as I've been trying to get hold of a copy since I first saw it advertised. Haven't had any luck so far though but I'm tempted to order a copy online or buy some Tilda books instead.

  7. Hope you're having a fantastic holiday, great choices for holiday crafting! :) x


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