Monday, 20 August 2012

Post holiday catch up


We are back from our lovely holiday.  We stayed at a Haven park on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather and had glorious sunshine every day.  This was our luxury caravan -

And this was the amazing view from our decking -

The island in the distance is the Isle of Arran.  The sun set behind the island each night and the sky turned the most amazing colours - unfortunately my photography skills weren't enough to capture it in it's true beauty!

I showed you in my last post some of the cross stitch I was planning to do while I was away.  The seat above became my seat for the week and I sewed here some afternoons and also in the evenings (we had full sun out here until sunset around 8.20pm). 

I had started a cross stitch project before we left for our holiday so I decided to take that along too and finish it.  Be warned though - it's a Christmas project!  Here it is finished - and in need of a good iron!

This is a little Christmas tree sampler, the pattern is from last year's Christmas Cross Stitcher Magazine.  I plan to frame this in a hoop and hang it up over Christmas.  I will be sad to have to take it down each year though!

As soon as I finished this one I was keen to start on another.  So I started stitching the sunshine chart -

A little stitching here and there, stolen moments enjoying the view....

And within a couple of days I was finished! 

This one will be going on Joshua's bedroom wall. 

Unfortunately I didn't get round to starting the other cross stitch that I'd taken with me but I'll work on that in the evenings now we're home.

Here are a couple of my favourite photos (in addition to the ones above) from our holiday

Fun filled days
Sunshine days

Beach days

We enjoyed our holiday so much we are even looking at going back to the same park AND to different ones next year.  We were really impressed with our caravan, it felt more like an apartment. 

Can you believe this is a caravan?!

This was our cosy sitting room.

So now we're home, I've tackled all the washing and ironing.  Lots of lovely new fabric has been ordered from the UK and USA....and I visited a couple of fabric shops this morning....I'll share some pics of my lovely new fabrics soon ;)


  1. What a lovely view to see when your crafting!

  2. Looks like little Joshua had a lovely time. Your caravan looks really nice and what a beautiful view.
    Lovely stitching too. I love the Christmas one!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time and your cross stitching looks great! I love the Christmas one!! :)) x

  4. Glad you had a good holiday - love your stitching!

    Pomona x

  5. Fantastic caravan - and what a lovely view! Your cross-stitch pictures are great - I love that Christmas one... I think I'm starting to get into a Christmas mood!!! :o)
    Maria x

  6. Loved seeing these pictures on Instagram! Where'd you get the pattern for your Christmas x-stitch?

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed your break, caravans these days are fab aren't they. We stayed in one in Wales recently but it didn't have an amazing view like yours, lucky you!

    The embroidery is lovely too!

  8. Your holiday looked amazing!
    It's good to know that it's perfectly normal to take Christmas craft projects on a summer holiday! I love that Christmas tree cross stitch, so lovely and Scandi in red and white.

  9. It looks like a fun filled holiday! Your cross stitch turned out beautiful :)


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