Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A snail mail revival!

It was with some irony I realised last week that the more I use social media - my blog, Twitter and Instagram, the more old fashioned mail I send and receive!  I'm not just talking about me sending out orders, but sending out cards, little notes, and surprises here and there to friends I've made online. 

I'm sure when the Internet first took off people all around the world thought that use of our postal services would decline....well I've never visited the Post Office so often in my life as I do now! 

Perhaps it's more a case of finding excuses to keep snail mail going - a poorly friend in need of a get well soon card, or sending a housewarming card to a friend's new address.  Whatever the excuse, I just love it!  I get as much joy out of sending mail as I do receiving it. 

Recently a couple of friends have moved I dug out my scrap basket and whiped up some cards.

These are nothing more than pretty scraps sewn into little house shapes!  Simple yet so effective. 

I sent another friend a get well soon card recently too, this time a cute little cross stitched one.

The pattern is from a past edition of Cross Stitcher magazine - which funnily enough I received in the post from another new online friend - we did a little swap!  She sent me a selection of cross stitch magazines and I sent her some other magazines and some fabric scraps. 

I was also delighted to receive a little unexpected gift in the post from an Instagram friend, she saw this book, thought I'd like it so she very kindly sent it to me!

I guess these are what's known as random acts of kindness, nothing is needed in return. 

I've also been lucky enough to be the recipient of notions such as buttons and wool...just because the senders thought I'd like them! 

It's so nice to know that you're being thought of by friends so far away - and friends you've never even met!

So I definitely felt that it was high time I bought myself one of these -

A very sweet little address book, all ready to store my friends names and addresses in. 


  1. How lovely! And I love your little house cards, such a good idea.

  2. Fab house cards. Have you thought about joining the Correspondence Club over on ? Shes got a swap type thing going where you send a letter and a small gifty thing to a swap partner each month, well worth checking out. Im a bit like you I LOVE getting post, tho sadly I dont get much nowdays. :o(

  3. The moving house cards are fab - simple and bold, yet pretty! Think I may have a go this weekend playing with my fabric scraps :)

  4. I love those cards. Nothing bets getting a real letter or card through the post.

  5. Ah ha how coincidental..... I was going to ask you for your address so I could send you something I think you will like, and then you post this on your blog!
    Can you email me your address so I can send it to you?

  6. Lovely cards and good to see you have revived the snail mail.

  7. Those housey cards are fantastic!!! They look to professional! :-)

  8. Lovely post and lovely pics! You are such a clever lady.

  9. Hello I just found you via online...Your creations are so charming! Love your house cards!!


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