Friday, 7 December 2012

Getting crafty in the kitchen

Pinterest has provided me with lots of inspiration lately - not just for crafting but also for cooking.  I have a board for recipes which, at this time of year is filling up with tasty delights such as gingerbread men, cinnamon apple cake and Christmas chutney. 

As it starts to get dark around 3.30pm these cold afternoons, I start looking forward to the tasty comfort food that so often becomes the focus of winter - warming stews, thick soups and of course lovely hot puddings!  So, armed with a load of new recipes and ideas to try, I've been keeping busy in the kitchen lately...

Filling up the freezer with homemade lasagnes, ready for a quick and tasty dinner over the next few weeks.

Oh so tasty cheese and broccoli quiche.

My dad's birthday was a good excuse to try out this spiced Pumpkin cake recipe ;)

This Christmas chutney recipe was also made yesterday, smelling divine, it has to be left for a couple of weeks in the fridge - I'm looking forward to trying some.

I've also been doing some culinary crafting with Joshua - we made these for his Christmas tree at nursery -

Popcorn tree garlands! 

Joshua also had a lot of fun this morning making some gingerbread men, so iconically Christmas!

Caught! Sampling the dough!
I made a separate batch that are a bit nicer to eat than the dough over-worked by a 3 year old! I added a little icing and gifted some to a friend this afternoon, in a little cellophane bag tied with ribbon - done in such a rush I didn't get a picture of the finished bag!  But here are the cookies -

The slow cooker has also been on all day today, cooking up a tasty beef stew for dinner...I'm just contemplating whether to quickly add some dumplings in for the final hour :)


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