Thursday, 20 December 2012

Take 2 plain t-shirts....

I spend a LOT of time planning things to make for my family, mainly for my son Joshua who's 3.  Quite often it takes me a very long time to get round to making these things...purely for lack of time! 

But...I managed to squeeze in one of these crafty plans last week!  After seeing Jo's post on a quick t-shirt revamp she did for her son, it reminded me of the t-shirts I had stored away for Joshua, - plain ones so that I could personalise them at some point in the future. 

I realised that personalising them didn't have to mean a laborious task, but just a quick embellishment with some funky fabric.  So I chose some fabrics I know Joshua will love and printed off some templates using Word.

For the first one, I chose this lovely starry, brushed cotton fabric and made a huge letter 'J'.  I've zig-zaged round it with bright orange thread (one of Joshua's favourite colours).

Ta-da!  Looks pretty cool I think. 

For the second one, I used some fabric he'd spied earlier in the week as I'd been using it for another (secret) project.  He's really into guitars at the moment so this fabric was perfect for his t-shirt. 

I cut out one of the guitars and appliqued it to the t-shirt - I added strings for a little extra touch!

I then cut out a huge star from the fabric and appliqued this to the centre of the t-shirt -

I absolutely *love* how this turned out!! 

Here's Joshua wearing the 'J' one, it was the night we put up the tree, so he's having a feel of every single tree decoration!


  1. The t-shirts are brilliant! Well done you! Cute designs - and an even cuter little Joshua!!! :-)

  2. These look fab, and the best bit is that there are no others quite like them , well done you. I used to be a bit partial to customising t-shirts for myself with beads, sequins and such, might have to get back into it now I am handier with a sewing machine. Look forward to seeing more. :o)

  3. Joshua looks super-cute in his J top, beautiful tree too! The guitar fabric is brilliant.

    I am a bit peeved that your work was clearly far better received than mine!


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