Monday, 10 December 2012

The most wonderful time of the year

There are a few things I just love doing once it gets to this time of of them is to treat myself to a Christmas magazine...or two!  I treat the Christmas ones as something to keep and bring out each year for inspiration, or just to get me in that Christmassy spirit.  This year I got these ones -

Whilst Country Living is a nice read, I am preferring the Prima Christmas Makes as it is just crammed full of Christmas ideas, gifts, recipes and crafts.  I also got this one last year and am pleased to find that this year's contains just as much inspiration!

I especially love these paper crafts using sheet music -

They're all so easy to do and sheet music should be easy to find online to print off. 

I also love these flower pots which have been covered in pretty fabric, again, so easy to do at home - and they'd make a lovely gift.

I could imagine these prettily lined up on a windowsill.

My OH has treated me to an early gift - this Christmas album by Michael Buble -

Some lovely music which really helps set the Christmas mood.  It's a great album, with beautiful songs and even some nice traditional choir singing too. 

Evenings have been spent cramming in last minute crafting for gift ideas...a little embroidery here, cross stitch there...

And since a lot of my crafting of late is for gifts, I have to be careful what I show you on here! 

I was very excited to have had my first mince pie of the season too, and homemade! 

Excuse the scrappy bits using the last of the pastry! Waste not, want not!
There is just 'something' about keeping certain foods for certain times of the year - the smell of the mincemeat as I took the lid off the!! Amazing - it's like I wait 11 months of the year for this delicious pie filling!  I cut up a block of puff pastry and froze it in little pieces, this way I can only make a few at a time - I do this for my own safety, if I made up the whole pack I'd only end up eating far too many in one go!!   


  1. Yum! I bought some ready-made on my way home (freshly baked mine, but still feel like a cheat!)- they were well worth the wait though. Christmas is delicious. x

  2. Will have to check out the Prima mag, love the Christmas magazines.

    I know what you mean about leaving certain foods for various times of the year, as tempting as the mince pies were in September I just couldn't bring myself to buy any, much too early! Never had puff pastry mince pies, will give those a go soon.


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