Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My little Christmas workshop

I have been very busy, working away in my little Christmas workshop, (also known as the dining room!)

I promised you in my last post that I'd show you some of the Christmas items I've been making to sell recently. 

One of my favourite items has to be these large Christmas stockings -


I was so pleased to have found some really unusual fabrics, this one is so cute with Christmas mittens on it!  I've also used this fabric to make some of my little bags -


I thought these would be great to use as gift bags - or as 'stockings' for people who are too old for stockings!
I also used some other fun fabrics for my large stockings -
They're padded, and quilted and just oh so snuggly soft! 
I was also asked to make some Christmas patchwork tea cosies, so here they are -
Another little product I really enjoyed making were these sweet little mini stockings, I used lovely soft red felt and embellished them with the most gorgeous trims -
Some of the detail -
And, lastly - well, for now anyway, I also made some of my little bags in other Christmas fabrics,  here they are -
As always, if you're interested in purchasing anything above, the easiest way is to drop me an email as I'm having great difficulty finding the time to make and list items in my Folksy shop! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Catching up

Eek! Has it really been so long since I last blogged?!!  I may not have been writing about what I've been sewing but I certainly have been sewing!!

I can't quite believe just how busy I've been with orders lately, the last 8 months or so have really flown for me and all of a sudden my order books are lovely and full and I'm getting to sew lots of pretty things for customers ALL over the world!  Over the past month alone I've had a couple of orders from America, and one from Spain.  Sew Ray Me has gone international :)

This gorgeous set reached Spain this week!
A little work has also gone on on the blog - perhaps you've noticed the addition of the tabs at the top of my page?  I now have a  'shop' tab which is more of a gallery really, but it gives you a bit of an idea of my best selling products, prices, and how you can order.  I really am doing all of this 'part-time' what with a 3 year old to keep amused as well, it's hard work keeping up with my blog or updating my Folksy shop.  I'm finding it much easier and quicker to keep things updated on Twitter and Instagram.  If you're on either of those, please come and follow me - I'm @sewrayme

I have also been trying to squeeze in a little crafting for Christmas, with a view to making a few gifts this year.  I keep my evenings for 'me' time so have been enjoying a little crochet or cross stitch.

Along side the popular bags and crochet rolls that I'm always making, I've also been making a few Christmas products this week too.  I'll show you those soon, just doing the finishing touches of sewing on buttons and waiting on some decent daylight to take good pics! 

I promise not to leave it so long until next time!!