Friday, 4 January 2013

Crafty goodies

Firstly, I just wanted to show you the amazing crochet 'stocking' my mum made for Joshua - how cute is that? 

Now, onto some of the fab crafty Christmas gifts I received :)

Probably my favourite gift and one that has kept me quiet for many an evening (and afternoon!) is the Sew Laugh Love embroidery kit by Leanne Beasley.

I have been coveting a copy of this pattern for a while now and have snippets pinned on my Pinterest boards. I'm pretty new to embroidery so I'm enjoying working away on this, improving my skills and confidence as I go. 

I also received the book 'Stitch and Sew Home' by Eline Pellinkhof.  This is full of gorgeous projects, many involving cross stitch and/or pretty patchwork and little bits of crochet here and there.  If you like Cath Kidston and Tilda then you'll like this book!

It's not a crafty gift, but my OH also got me a lovely red floral bag, it's not Cath Kidston but it's very similar and I love it :)

Perhaps the best gift of all is that we are re-working our study meaning I will soon have lots of storage shelves and a desk in there!!  Cue lots of visits to IKEA over the Christmas break. (Lots of pics coming up once I've had a good tidy of my craft stuff!!)


  1. I'm loving that stitchery you are making I've had my eye on that too!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished study too, enjoy! Xx

  2. Oh you must of been a good girl with all those goodies.

  3. Any chance you could share where your Sew Laugh Love embroidery kit came from? I'd love to get my hands on a kit but they're sold out everywhere I look!

  4. That Sew Laugh Love embroidery is looking great so far! It's going to be so pretty! Just wondering, what pen do you use to trace the design onto the fabric? Thanks, and happy new year!
    Maria x

  5. Great pressies! You must have been a good girl in 2012!!! I LOVE that embroidery kit! What a great design - and great colours! Do you know where it came from? It looks like a really good travelling/holiday project.
    Happy 2013!

  6. Happy New Year! I love your stitchery. It is looking wonderful. Embroidery is one my favourites too. No counting needed! I also got that book. I love just looking at it!
    Good luck with your crafts room re-organization. I have to rejig mine as well. Cheers!


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