Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Handmade gifts

I can now show you all of the gifts I made for gifts this Christmas.  For once I actually remembered to start early and started a good few months back! 

The first thing I made was a crochet scarf for my Uncle, I used a lovely dark denim blue wool and trimmed it with a charcoal wool.  I used a ribbed effect (by using the back loop to do each stitch) and I love the way it turned out! 

I rolled it up and tied with a Merry Christmas ribbon, to make it a little prettier!

Another 'manly' gift I made was a take-away coffee cup sleeve for my coffee obsessed other half!  It's a bit of a running joke that whenever we go out his radar manages to find the nearest Starbucks ;)

Typically, when I was taking these photos I didn't actually have a full size coffee cup to model it on so I had to make do with one of those ready made Starbucks drinks you get at the supermarket.  You get the idea though.  Oh, and do you see my super-cute new buttons??!

I made quite a few little gifts for my mum this year, this little Robin hanger kit was free with an issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine a few months ago...she loves obviously I had to make it for her!

I made another little cross stitch hanger with a house and '2012' on it, this is my mum and dad's first Christmas in their new house so I thought it was quite fitting.  I added some stuffing to the inside of this one and a little Christmas scent.

My mum also has a collection of Delft pottery so as soon as I saw a little Dutch girl and boy embroidery in the book A Rainbow of Stitches I knew I had to sew them!

More embroidery...and this time a beautiful swirly Christmas tree adorned with sparkly sequins. 

I added a patchwork border and some quilting.  I had originally planned that this would be a table mat, but it actually works better as a wall hanging so I'll leave it up to my mum to decide how to display it. 

Obviously there was Joshua's quilt as well, which you can see in my previous post.  As some little stocking filler type gifts, I couldn't resist these little cross stitched Christmas jumpers from a recent issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine -

I stitched them on plastic canvas using wool, backed them with felt and added a little hanging loop so they could go on the recipients Christmas trees. 

So now that's Christmas over for another year I guess it's almost time to start planning the makes for next Christmas! 


  1. Your Christmas makes are beautiful, and I love your new buttons.
    I really must start earlier this year, but I do say that every year ;0) xx

  2. What pretty makes :) I'm sure the recipients were over the moon with them.

  3. They all look great Rachael the button is very cute!Fi

  4. You really put such alot of thoughts into your gifts. I'm sure everyone was pleased to recieve such lovely things. I adore those lovely buttons!

  5. your little button is just the cutest!!!

    Natasha @


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