Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Leg warmers!

Fact:  I always have cold feet.

Fact:  I always wear socks and cosy slippers around the house, and thick cosy socks under my boots when I go out.

I really liked the idea of having some leg warmers for wearing with leggings and/or under my boots. I'd seen loads of tutorials for them on Pinterest so I pinned a few and a little while ago I found some chunky wool that I knew would be perfect. 

This wool is super soft and sooooo cosy!  The pattern I used was from here - yes, they're baby legwarmers...I just added to all the sizes as I really only needed a pattern for guidance.  They worked up really quickly.  Unfortunately, I tend to move on from craft to craft and stopped a few months ago after only having made 1 leg warmer!  Last week, however, I really thought I ought to get the other one finished, so in just an evening, I made up the other one and had a pair of gorgeously soft and chunky leg warmers!

These were so quick to make and I really fancy trying out some different colours, perhaps with a thinner wool for a more slouchy look.

They even look great when worn with my boots :)


  1. They are great will keep you really warm without having to worry about the extra layer in your boots which might not fit if you did.

    Showing my age I remember the leg warmers of the 80's FAME anyone?

  2. I love your leg warmers and yes I remember the leg warmers from the 1980s.

  3. These are great! And VERY handy in this weather!!! I think I should put legwarmers on my 'to do' list!

  4. I was an avid fan of 'Fame' style legwarmers to go with my leotard when I went to Jazzercise (eek!).
    These look fab, well done you. :O)

  5. Hello found you via twitter, always nice to find a talented crochet blogger...
    Daisy j

  6. They look lovely and snugly :)


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