Friday, 15 February 2013

Baby gifts

I don't seem to have blogged about actual sewing for a while, but while I am sewing a lot, I don't want to bore you with constant pictures of all the crochet rolls, knitting needle rolls and bags I've been making lately! 

I love getting asked to make items that I don't make so often - especially baby gifts.  There is just something about pulling out pastels and snuggly soft terry cloth! 

Baby burp cloths

The latest of my baby makes include burp cloths - above, and adorable bibs -

I've made bibs a few times now, and with each new one I make they never fail to make me just a teensy bit broody!

Aren't they just adorable?

You may remember the pictures I made last summer for 2 sisters,  well, they now have a new baby cousin and I was asked to make a similar picture for them to give to him as a gift.  How lovely again to be able to choose some lovely pastel colours for a newborn baby boy.  Here is his applique picture -

Meanwhile, my evenings are still filled with cosying up with my crochet and my blanket is slowly growing...


  1. The baby makes are sooo cute, and I love the picture, your fabric letters are really neat. Your blanket looks lovely and snuggly, pretty pretty colours xx

  2. I haven't know anyone who has had a baby for a time now. they are so nice to make presents for. For the record, I wouldn't get bored with pictures of your makes.

  3. Such lovely baby bits and bobs! Very cute indeed!


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