Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bunting needed

I ended up with a really stinking cold a few weeks back so one Sunday morning I was ordered to stay in bed for a bit whilst the OH got up with our 3 year old and took him downstairs to play. 

As I lay in bed (awake typically), I just took in all the pretty things in the newly decorated bedroom.  You can see a little of it here

Gorgeous new duvet cover - from Primark, and so cheap but oh-so-beautiful!

And soon a lovely cup of tea brought to me in bed!

The wall at my side of the bed is slowly becoming filled with pretty handmade goal over this year is to fill it up even more.  I have a few ideas for frames I've already bought, but as usual it's just a case of finding the time!

I suddenly became aware of a big bare space on the other side of the room - above the mirror.  Bunting!  It needed bunting!

I was on a mission, cold or no cold, I would not be held back!  I got up, showered and dressed and pulled out some of the gorgeous fabrics I'd bought 'just for me' and knew they'd be perfect for what I had in mind. 

These are just a selection from some that I bought from the range 'The Simple Life' - you can see more of this range here

I got to work on my bunting, I decided to try scalloped bunting just for something a little different, I also wanted to embellish a few of the flags/pennants with some lacy ribbon and ric-rac just to make it super girly!

With enough done all that remained was to attach it to some white bias tape and get the OH to hang it up for me!

Ta-da! Here it is hung in it's spot - not a great picture I'm afraid, but you get the idea. 

Looks even cuter at night when the fairy lights around the mirror are switched on -

Ahhh, perfect.  And it took my mind off feeling ill!  Best of all it only took a couple of hours :)


  1. That's a very quirky design! I like it... I'm going to make some bunting for my 'in-vitro' girl :D

    Bundana x

  2. Your bunting is so cute, I have some in my bedroom which I have a while but shock horror I didn't make it but I will be making some for the sewing room, ( I love saying that..)
    Hope you're feeling better. x

  3. Poor you!!! I hope you'll be back to full health soon, my dear! I LOVE that bunting!!! :-)


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